A real-time, automated data collection system that utilizes SAP screens in a mobile environment.


YASH has partnered with BCC Distribution to offer midsized customers a real-time, automated data collection system that utilizes SAP screens in a mobile environment.

BCC Distribution, a national certified distributor of integrated barcode solutions; designed an SAP standardized, turn–key inventory scanning system that utilizes the SAP’s Inventory Management, Warehouse Management and Production Modules. TranASAP is a barcode inventory scanning system that integrates with SAP’s ERP software. The system also has the capabilities of automating tasks and integrating data from PLC’s, scales, voice picking systems, and other data collection sources. There are three versions of TranASAP – Console, ITSmobile/Netweaver and Microsoft .NET. TranASAP Console utilizes Telnet and SAP’s Console Software; TranASAP ITSmobile/Netweaver integrates into SAP ERP through SAP’s ITSmobile software and web browser technology; and the .NET version communicates from a SQL database to SAP through SAP’s connector (version 7.0). All allow for real-time, interactive SAP native scanning communications.

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BCCD’s TranASAP Inventory Tracking System gives a company the ability to scan, track inventory, and validate inventory accuracy throughout the business process. The complete solution is comprised of radio frequency scanning hardware (running VT220 terminal emulation, CE or Windows Mobile), barcode printing hardware (utilizing Ethernet, RF, Serial or parallel connectivity), SAP’s standard software transactions, TranASAP Software, BarTender Label Software and BCCD’s implementation and support services. TranASAP is a scalable, transaction based system. Clients purchase only the transactions needed and only when they are needed.

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YASH BCCD’s proven success is due to the utilization of the following principles: Ease of Use; Quick to Install; and simple to modify and maintain transactions and screens.

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