Safe, simplified transactions for the complex digital economy

The blockchain service focuses on implementing, optimizing and simplifying secure and frictionless distributed ledger technology in the cloud

Enforce true data sharing, accelerate multi-party transactions and ensure the security of all parties.

YASH, as a premium SAP partner globally, helps clients leverage SAP Cloud Platform Blockchain services to safeguard and speed up the transfer of digital assets between peers in a complex network of people, businesses, and things formed by IoT, machine learning, and other evolving technologies. Our comprehensive expertise in the integration of SAP Leonardo blockchain with SAP cloud platform enables enterprises to prototype, test, and develop blockchain applications, smart contracts, and blockchain extensions for existing applications.

YASH teams have strong capabilities across Hyperledger, Ethereum, blockchain as a service (BaaS), decentralized applications, front-end technologies, and full stack technology expertise. Given the importance and criticality of data security, we help deploy and maintain end-to-end encrypted, hack-free Blockchain system for enterprises which, while being safe, provides data visibility to all the participants for transparency.


The safest, most comfortable, sure-fire way to deploy cloud-based enterprise blockchain.


Reduce the need
of third-party intermediaries
with Blockchain that is a peer-to-peer platform


Fast-track process execution in multi-party scenarios
and enable faster transactions that aren’t limited by office hours


Reduce risk, fraud, and establish trust with transparent data in Blockchain which is visible to all participants


Get ROI faster with distributed ledgers that allow
businesses to execute leaner, efficient, and profitable processes


Ensure the security of the
business and IoT with the distributed, encrypted, hack-proof Blockchain system


Programmable Blockchain
triggers actions, events, and payments when the conditions are fulfilled

YASH’s Knowledge Centre for SAP Cloud Platform Blockchain Service

YASH’s Knowledge Centre for SAP Cloud Platform Blockchain Service leverages expertise from YASH Blockchain CoE, and the YASH Cloud CoE and ensures speedy ideation, road mapping and deployment, so that enterprises get the best value in a stipulated TAT:

  • Our developers have created a range of reference frameworks, technology architectures, and deployment accelerators to enable organizations to execute distributed digital ledgers rapidly and effectively.
  • We have a strong base of blockchain functional and technology experts with in-depth knowledge of SAP Cloud Platform Blockchain Service deployment journeys
  • This rich library is a crucial part of our CoE and guides our engagement experts to reduce the complexity in validating and implementing blockchain solutions rapidly and efficiently.

Make blockchain actionable in real-time for your enterprise with SAP Cloud Platform Blockchain Service.

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