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SAP Leonardo connects things with business and processes for hassle-free adoption, integration, and scaling of new technologies for your organization.

Realize the full potential of breakthrough technologies without interrupting your business today. SAP Leonardo is a digital innovation system which seamlessly integrates the capabilities of the latest technologies like machine learning, blockchain, cloud, IoT, smart devices, analytics, and more, into the SAP cloud platform, helping you to innovate, scale and rapidly redefine your business. Leonardo lies at the core of SAP’s philosophy of reshaping businesses into intelligent enterprises and ensures rapid digitalization of the your organizations for the best!

Being one of the reputed players in the holistic SAP services arena for over 20 years, YASH is an ideal “Partner of choice” for the companies looking for new-age SAP services. Our expertise combined with the design-thinking approach helps enterprises to innovate, integrate and scale SAP Leonardo, ensuring the rapid transformation and solidification of the targeted business processes.

We help organizations integrate Machine Learning, IoT, Big Data, and Analytics with the foundation of SAP Leonardo, leading to processes standardization and reengineering. In close collaboration with SAP, YASH has helped multiple clients leverage Leonardo to reimagine their operational models by taking full advantage of Leonardo’s capabilities – integrating man, machine, methods and things to provide hyper-personalized customer experiences, improved productivity, accelerated delivery and differentiated business value.


We help you combine
Machine Learning, IoT, Big Data, and Analytics, capabilities of SAP Leonardo, so you can redefine your processes to emerge as a complete digital business.


From cloud to
applications, we enable the integration of SAP Leonardo
into every element of your business.


YASH ensures rapid implementation and scaling of Leonardo for your business through the existing SAP platform and
application portfolio. With the fast-tracked Leonardo deployment, you can automate and expand existing processes,
develop new applications, boost up existing SAP and third-party
application, and power new business models.



End-to-end digitization- from the front office to the back office .


  • Use BUILD feature to ideate and create rapid, interactive prototypes
  • Get started with building customized SAP Leonardo system


  • Connect products, processes, assets, infra, people, and market with IoT
  • Build IoT applications on reusable microservices framework


  • Integrate data intelligence into enterprise applications and solve common business challenges
  • Train and deploy deep learning models enabled by data


  • Get in-depth insights into analytics across your business with embedded machine learning
  • Take transformative action to implement new processes and applications


  • Manage a huge amount of big data with distributed storage and computing
  • Discover real-time insight


  • Increase trust in peer-to-peer transactions with Blockchain services embedded into business applications
  • Get complete visibility into goods’ source and history
  • More auditability, fewer frauds


  • Common foundation across applications and technology facilitates in-memory, real-time data management
  • Facilitates microservices for machine learning, analytics, big data connection, security, user management, and back-end integration APIs


  • Get trusted, real-time benchmarks and inputs for accurate decision-making
  • Realize data asset monetization

SAP Leonardo has created great impact for businesses by embedding Industry 4.0 principles in the processes.

  • 700,000+ assets managed at a time
  • 80% response rate to service requests
  • ROI in under 1 year


YASH’s Leonardo Innovation Center is a modern playground for our Leonardo and Industry 4.0 subject matter experts. It is a treasure of solution accelerators, pilots, use cases, proof of concepts, etc. which can be readily utilized by our customers.

  • Pre-packaged content and software led by the principles of Design thinking methods that help evaluate, design and deliver production-ready prototypes
  • A library of industry-specific use cases, POCs, and frameworks documented by our SAP Leonardo implementation experts.
  • Industry-specific accelerators, templates, and toolboxes built in-house by our consultants for integration of SAP Leonardo into desired elements of your business

Unlock your business’s digital potential with SAP Leonardo.

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