Get a panoramic view of your master data through a single lens

Consolidation and central governance of the supplier data to master your digital business processes and models.

Accurate, complete, and comprehensive business partner (customer and supplier) data is a critical strategic asset essential to enable the transformation of operational processes and business models. The SAP Enterprise Master Data Governance Solution caters to the need of organizations requiring high quality business partner data and governance controls. It simplifies the integration of data from both SAP and third-party sources and supports data cleaning, standardization, duplication detection, and best-record calculation. Moreover, it lets organizations synchronize cleansed and standardized data across cloud, on-premise, and hybrid environments. The consolidation, central governance, and mass processing capabilities of the SAP Enterprise Master Data Governance simplify enterprise data management, increase data accuracy, and reduce total cost of ownership.

YASH is at the forefront of helping clients realize the importance and criticality of business partner data and enabling them to put together customized yet practical governance and management solutions. Across the years YASH has provided clients with frameworks and operating mechanisms that help them in master data management. Leveraging this expertise YASH has emerged as a leading provider of solutions and services on SAP Enterprise Master Data Governance. Leveraging a consultative approach YASH specializes in enabling clients rapidly and optimally deploy the SAP MDG solution and ensure data uniformity across cloud, on-premise or hybrid environments.

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  • Useful and practical data processing option for master data specialists
  • Ergonomic UI to visualize all data live during consolidation that includes processes like drill-down, show changes, match review, and best record review
  • Assured accuracy and transparency while loading large volumes of data through statistics, change indicators and verification before activating the data changes
  • Ability to identify duplicates inside loaded records and against existing records


  • Create, maintain, and distribute master data in a centralized source
  • Ensure data consistency by standardizing definitions and business rules
  • Collaborate efficiently with prebuilt data models, business rules, workflow, user interfaces, and notifications
  • Apply validated values for greater accuracy
  • Monitor an end-to-end audit trail of changes


  • Enable master data agents to drive mass changes in the business partner, customer, supplier, and product data.
  • Guarantee accuracy and transparency while changing data in bulk through statistics, change indicators and ensures validation before implementing changes
  • Take care of packaging, queuing, and parallelization contribute for better performance, even while processing large volumes of data
  • Facilitate uploading changed records from CSV or Excel file to integrate offline processing and other information sources

YASH’s Knowledge Centre for SAP Enterprise Master Data Governance Software

  • An Expert team of SAP professionals experienced in data cleansing, processing, management, consolidation, and governance which can help clients navigate data related challenges effectively.
  • Industry-specific deployment accelerators built by our consulting team

Join the league of fast-paced organizations that have achieved a ground-breaking percentage of data completeness as high as 52% with SAP Enterprise Master Data Governance Software.

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