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Why DevOps/ What is DevOps

It’s quite frustrating for IT people to keep solving the same issues on computers and to wait around endlessly for other people or machines. But with the introduction of DevOps in IT operations, automated deployments (predictable) and standardized production environments free the IT staff from routine tasks and be more productive to the company.

  • Improve Software development and deployment cycles
  • Deploy frequency and quality
  • Release software to enable tighter alignment with business objectives

DevOps merges development and the operations team by following a set of processes, in order to complete software development. Traditional software approaches are passé and are complex to manage; whereas, DevOps benefits orgnizations by providing continuous software delivery, gives faster resolution to problems and is less complex to manage.


At YASH, DevOps is implemented in evolutionary stages across incremental functions of the software development lifecycle. The stages are:

  • Continuous integration
  • Continuous testing
  • Continuous delivery
  • Continuous deployment
  • DevOps

The extent of DevOps adoption across the software development lifecycle significantly impacts the benefits that can be realized.

Adoption of DevOps can reduce time-to-market and improve flexibility, responsiveness and customer centricity – hence, the benefits include:

  • Incremental changes ensure less defects
  • Reduced downtime thus lowering loss to business
  • Reduced deployment or execution failures
  • Release of minimum viable product
  • Increased time savings due to more collaboration
  • Reduced dependency among resources
  • Quicker rectification of faults
  • Results of previous sprints can be used to adaptively tweak future sprints
  • Continuously incorporates feedback from stakeholders
  • Flexibility to cater to changing market demands

Our DevOps Model


YASH’s DevOps Services/Offerings


  • Evaluating current DevOps practices, auditing infrastructure and release pipeline
  • Identifying repetitive tasks and area of improvements
  • Evaluation of tools and technologies usage
  • Delivering detailed assessment report and providing future roadmap and implementation plan


  • Automation of different workflows and processes based on feedback from detailed assessment report
  • Continuous delivery pipeline for increasing productivity
  • Usage of our robust ecosystem of open source and licensed tools & technologies to help creating stable and reliable environment


  • Release and change management
  • Setting up effective monitoring processes to keep your environments up and running
  • Performance optimization on regular basis
  • Collaboration, communication and integration


YASH offers key features to an Enterprise – Culture and Mindset; Automation and Tools; Measure, Test and Rectify; and Sharing.

These key features provide the following benefits:

  • Breaks organizational silos
  • Emphasises on collaboration and communication
  • Automates processes
  • Creates or use accelerators
  • Uses tools which compliment thought process
  • Monitors and track performances of systems and processes
  • Tests everything to ensure quality
  • Uses monitoring data to rectify issues
  • Shares cross-team trainings on different tools and technologies

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