Reimagine and achieve operational excellence with intelligent automation

Automation Anywhere is designed to empower humans whose ideas, thoughts, creativity, and focus make the work they do great. Automation Anywhere focuses on deploying a digital workforce of bots that automate business processes in all sectors. Automation Anywhere delivers the most comprehensive enterprise-grade automation platform, that solves problems at all business process levels with built-in cognitive solutions and analytics.

Why Automation Anywhere

  • Enterprise-grade technology with consumer-grade usability
  • Improved service delivery by standardizing enterprise process across business functions
  • Control + Agility by creating an environment of autonomy and accountability using iterative cycles
  • Bank-grade security and centralized controls
  • Quick time-to-value, non-intrusive
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What can organizations do with Automation Anywhere

  • Combine bots into workflows
  • Experience simplified data structure handling
  • Use Automation Anywhere IQ Bot and Bot Insights
  • Access applications on remote terminals


Automation Anywhere for SAP

YASH has the comprehensive Automation Anywhere tools for SAP. Our Automation Anywhere for SAP can integrate with SAP enterprise software right out of the box and is designed to exceed all of SAP’s RPA security recommendations so that the organization’s data is always protected.

Human Resources

Automating tasks, Email notifications, etc.,


Creating and printing invoices, add, modify & remove customer data into the CRM.


Inventory management, Automation, Integration.


Creating accounts, software set-up, batch processing, system integrations.


Creating lead generation report, monitoring social sentiment.


Patient data migration and processing, reports for doctors, Insurance data automaton & claims status processing, Patient record storage.

Consumer goods

Order processing, data entry, Automation, Incentive claims processing.


Price analysis of competitors, guest data processing, data verification, payments.


Invoice processing, reporting, auditing.

YASH — Automation Anywhere Partnership

We have partnered with Automation Anywhere to facilitate a complete business processes transformation through automation. This transformation aims at making business processes lean and agile. Proven benefits of this process include cost optimization, operational efficiency, risk reduction and greater compliance delivered to customers through the partnership. The combination of Automation Anywhere’s industry-leading RPA platform and the business operations, analytics and industry expertise at YASH can create unparalleled value by increasing the speed and accuracy of business processes across all industry verticals.

Automation Anywhere Services

Our Automation Anywhere services include Robotic Process Automation, Cognitive Automation, and Digital Workforce Analytics. Our Automation Anywhere solutions for SAP can enable faster Purchase to Pay until Order to Cash cycles, lower operating costs, automate audit logs, and increase accuracy. YASH has a dedicated CoE for Automation Anywhere where we build client-specific POC’s and incubate best practices through our well-defined methodology on Automation Anywhere’s platform. The YASH Automation Anywhere Centre of Excellence (CoE) provides end-to-end automation solutions that include awareness workshops, process discovery, implementation, training, support, and vision definition.

How can YASH support you in unlocking the true value of Automation

Whether you’ve automated only one process or you’re looking to see what else you can do after automating hundreds of tasks, we’re at your service. Our Automation Anywhere for SAP solutions can determine the right approach and strategy to realize significant benefits like high efficiency, transparency, compliance and cost savings. From Technology Selection, Process Mapping to Production Planning, our consultants can help you plan and optimize your automation journey. We work with you on a blended, flexible approach to ensure that the benefits can be felt throughout your organization.

Reach out to us today to facilitate an expert from our expert Automation team.

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