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YASH Technologies’ dives into the core of your business to tailor IT service design, creation, delivery, support, and management. This can be any service or technology you use at your office-from the ubiquitous laptop, the shared printer, or the request you raise to unlock a locked-out computer. These activities may seem like ‘IT support’ to your users, but the IT service management abilities of ServiceNow extend beyond everyday issue resolution.

A Few Benefits

Our ITSM expertise helps the goals of your IT function and organization to match while providing end user and customer satisfaction. The IT function benefits by standardizing processes, practices, and documentation, while the business saves money and makes better business decisions through actionable insights.

Let’s explore some more benefits on similar lines:

IT Function Benefits:

  • Establishes processes over solid industrial best practices
  • Specifies roles and duties, bolstering productivity and efficiency
  • Enhances comprehension of IT services and business needs
  • Prevents incidents and lessens the time between detecting occurred incidents
  • Measures the performance of the function through metrics.

Business Benefits:

  • Raises compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Boosts service-cost effectiveness, and reduces the cost and impact of incidents
  • Increases availability of the IT function thereby increasing business productivity
  • Increases awareness of IT services and their use amongst employees
  • Swift responses by the IT function to market and innovation changes

Proven Methodologies

Earlier, IT processes were managed as individual units. ITSM changed all that by consolidating all operations into a single program for seamless service delivery. Then, frameworks came up that help implement ITSM. Some such frameworks are:

  • ITIL – IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a framework of best practices for ITSM.
  • ISO/IEC 20000 – The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard for ITSM.
  • MOF – Microsoft Operations Framework that offers guidance on implementing and managing profitable and efficient IT services.
  • COBIT – The Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology (COBIT) framework lays the practices for enterprise IT.

Processes found in all these frameworks are the same, and YASH Technologies’ ServiceNow has a robust understanding and implementation prowess to make your organization comply with these frameworks.

Some common and popular processes are:

  • Incident management: A process that manages service resumption due to an outage that causes an interruption
  • Problem management: A process addressing multiple incidents with similar issues. The process stresses on getting under the hood of the incident, analyzing related processes to find the underlying ‘root’ cause of the incident
  • Change management: A process that deals with any changes to IT services
  • Knowledge management: A pan-domain process that maintains a knowledge base to prevent work duplication. It tracks, documents, and updates solutions in the knowledge base.
  • Asset management: The process of tracing, updating, and mapping the organization’s physical and software assets.

Get more than what you think from YASH Technologies

Once implemented, YASH Technologies’ ServiceNow IT service management processes act as a catalyst reversing your organization’s reactive state to a proactive, service-focused perspective. In short, say goodbye to service bottlenecks, expensive downtime, and hello to quicker restorations.

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