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In any organization, managing operations comes down to the nitty gritty of things. It involves a string of daily sequential activities to keep the organization functioning. These activities, performed by trained staff, ensure a system or device works. They perform small, repetitive tasks, that if done correctly and frequently, will result in a successful operation. Here the organization invests in its core resources: human and equipment and needs to realize a value higher than its total investment costs to be successful.

Well, IT is no different.

To achieve predefined business goals, IT operations as a function performs a set of daily activities. These activities help to run and maintain IT infrastructure to deliver a specific service level. Activities may include managing and provisioning performance and capacity of network infrastructure, applications, and servers, and maintaining databases.

What we can do for you

The underlying issue is the disjoint data coming from a plethora of discrete diagnostic and monitoring tools. This adds to the outage, increasing its severity. YASH Technologies’ cloud-based ServiceNow service management platform is no stranger to service assurance. With its help, you minimize incidents and quickly locate interruptions to ramp up your serviceability.

We follow these processes to optimize your organization’s service quality:


No matter where your assets reside—on-premises or in the cloud, our platform is capable of locating configuration items (CI) and storing a single record for all assets in a configuration management database (CMDB). Even applications can be tracked and traced to its infrastructure.

Service Mapping

A service map illustrates the organization’s application services by interconnecting the service’s devices and applications. This process eliminates the traditional method of merely enumerating an inventory of devices and applications. Once dependencies are mapped, connections show how a problematic object affects the rest of the service.

Event Management

Multiple monitoring tools make it tough to extract a coherent and integrated output. With our platform’s artificial intelligence, your tools’ outputs are consolidated and foretell critical alerts. This prevents interruptions and shows the root cause.


A dominant feature of our platform, Orchestration, automates the most time-consuming and routine tasks. This prevents you from being bogged down with cumbersome and manual tasks. Use Orchestration for:

Orchestration lets you automate tasks like:

Other tasks under the purview of orchestration are server and network device restarts, and active directory and mailbox creation and deletion.


This database has tables that contain information about all IT infrastructure. This includes computers, appliances, software, licenses, etc. Our platform detects these assets automatically. It then stores each asset’s configuration, provisioning, and status in the CMDB. This database serves as a single record for IT. Our CMDB thus becomes a unique platform that showcases data and thus helps you to deliver better services.

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YASH helps drive the customer’s vision of the operational transformation by solving common but complex problems leveraging ServiceNow’s easy to maintain cloud-native, holistic approach.

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