Agile Application Development For Evolving Business Needs


Intelligent Application Development

When it comes to developing applications only a specialized subset of your IT staff—the developers—get actually to create them. What’s needed is a platform using which anyone can build apps that automate business processes.

The Now Platform

YASH Technologies leverages ServiceNow’s Now Platform to make application development fast and straightforward. Anyone can build apps from scratch or further customize it in-line with existing ServiceNow apps to enhance them with chatbots, insights, and real-time analytics.

The platform contains development tools that aid non-programmers to build apps rapidly. Simultaneously, your professional coders get standards-based web tools and application frameworks. It leads to the creation of application portals using a self-service portal that sends notifications to users.

Service Portal

The Now platform contains the Service Portal application that helps to develop applications. Both non-programmers and programmers can build applications using the graphical elements of the Service Portal or its platform UI. To build your application’s components using a visual approach, use the tiles on the Configuration page of the portal. The platform UI helps you create the same components using the platform layout.

Custom Widgets

Widgets are components in the Service Portal. You can copy and change a widget, or create a custom widget. HTML templates, CSS, client scripts, server scripts, and JavaScript dependencies define a widget’s function. Inserting a widget on a page creates a reference or an instance of the widget.

Platform API Scripting

API scripts help to integrate the functionality of external services and applications within your application. This is called as an inbound web service. REST APIs and SOAP APIs use the HTTP protocol to access web services to bring in functionality from external websites into your application. Scripted REST and SOAP APIs help developers craft custom APIs.

Get more than what you think from YASH Technologies

YASH helps drive the customer’s vision of the operational transformation by solving common but complex problems leveraging ServiceNow’s easy to maintain cloud-native, holistic approach.

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