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As organizations grow, HR strategy execution and full lifecycle employee engagement become key challenges. Whether you like it or not, change continues to impact your business. Over time, organizations are faced with seemingly endless sources of change that include new customer demands, new products, new competition, new shareholder objectives, organizational restructuring, mergers/acquisitions, new legislation, etc. As these changes accumulate, your applications and business processes—initially configured according to past requirements—may no longer be aligned to your current and future needs. SAP SuccessFactors solution is vital to the success of your organization and you need to ensure that your organization realizes the highest value from it.

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YASH Health Assessment for SuccessFactors called “HealthFactors” is a complete service delivered by YASH SuccessFactors experts to help align and optimize your HCM environment with your organizations latest business strategies and processes. This service provides a comprehensive, current state report and recommendations for improving your organization’s use of SuccessFactors to help maximize your investment, reduce total cost of ownership and position your organization for future change.

Key Activities

  • Discovery: YASH SuccessFactors consultants work collaboratively with your organization’s business and IT users to prioritize the key areas of focus and then begin a comprehensive review of your SuccessFactors. Key discovery area includes
    • Conduct workshops/interviews with key business users
    • Identify the list of business processes and specific documents
      • Blueprints
      • Process maps
      • Configuration workbook
      • Integrations workbook
      • Scope Document
      • Issue logs
    • HR processes
  • Analysis: YASH consultants utilize the information collected during the discovery phase and with your organizations key business drivers as the backdrop, complete our health check. Key analysis focus areas include:
    • Services Scope
    • System configuration
    • Middleware settings, mappings, and configuration of each integration process
    • Issue Logs
    • Perform Gap-Analysis
  • Report: Based on the information gathered, our consultants will produce a Healthcheck Assessment Report. This report details our findings, including current challenges, gaps, and current configurations that may prevent you from realizing the full potential of your SuccessFactors application.

Get more than what you think from YASH Technologies

We are a leading player in the SuccessFactors arena globally. We have worked with many customers on their HCM transformation process. YASH SAP SuccessFactors CoE has the deep consulting and advisory services to help customers understand most optimal roadmaps to enable this transformation. We combine strong HCM domain knowledge with SAP. We know how to best optimize your investment in SuccessFactors and can provide your business with tightly integrated, comprehensive, superior services throughout your ownership experience.


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