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The pace at which technology is evolving and the opportunities it is offering continue to dazzle us. Ours is an impatient quest for innovation for new approaches, solutions and answers to business problems and challenges.

We are always driven and motivated by the delight of making a difference and that originality is intertwined in our culture.

New ideas spur and new possibilities emerge with YASH Technologies as your Partner.

If Competitive differentiation, Business agility and creating sustainable competitive advantage summarizes what the “C” suite thrive to achieve resulting in cost reduction, profit maximization, market share increase, product portfolio rationalization, geographical expansion and new product/s launch, the means to achieve them are changing significantly with evolution of computing technology.

As “C” suite, when you are steering the company into future, we all reckon that the window to take decisions is shrinking and the differentiation over competition is punctuated by the ability to take Real-time or near Real-time decisions with accuracy and aplomb.

Companies are fully experiencing the benefits of ERP and BI applications which enabled them to have real-time transaction processing systems and converting the data into information and reports. However, the need is the ability to convert this information into interpretation and the interpretation into action items– Actionable intelligence embedded action items.

Our Approach

YASH with its domain expertise (gained thru implementing ERP applications all over the globe across several industry verticals) coupled with superior technical knowledge and above all, the ability to combine Information Technology and Information Systems to translate them as business technology and business solutions is ideally poised to partner you in your quest to continued business improvements.

Corporate excellence cannot be and should not be a random variable and YASH Data Sciences solutions by way of combining data from all internal and external sources-both structured and unstructured including video, voice, text and images, distilling the data to subject to an appropriate algorithm to either predict or optimize based on the business problem, we are solving thru Data Sciences driven approach hitherto solved thru classical and traditional even sometimes with intuition and gut.

Elevating the business chain into value chain, reconfiguring the business processes to maximize the business value, identifying the value leak areas and value add areas thru our business process transformation with our QBPM framework, Process Automation with our ERP implementation approach, Digital adoption and Decision digitization is what we provide with our business solutions, developed on open sources and on SAP Leonardo ML platform.


Our services aid businesses around the following analytical services:

  • Descriptive – What is happening currently, based on incoming data. Typically, a real-time dashboard and/or email reports.
  • Diagnostic – A look at past performance to determine what happened and why. The result of the analysis is often an analytical dashboard.
  • Predictive – An analysis of likely scenarios of what might happen. The deliverables are usually a predictive forecast.
  • Prescriptive – This type of analysis reveals what actions should be taken. This is the most valuable kind of analysis and usually results in rules and recommendations for next steps.

Value Proposition

YASH’s Data Sciences and Analytics expertise encompasses several domains with solutions customized to derive best results for the underlying problems. YASH’s global Data Science & Analytics practice brings together the latest in Data Science Techniques with leading Business Consulting skills to build models that provide insight and quantify the risks and benefits associated with solutions to complex business problems. The combination of our services portfolio and our global delivery model sets YASH apart and provides exceptional value for our customers.

Our analytics team brings in-depth knowledge and expertise across a broad spectrum of industries. We believe our client’s success and our growth depends on maintaining strong partnerships with a wide array of key technology vendors and service providers across each of our core capabilities: Big Data, Enterprise Information Management, Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics. Strategic partnerships with market-leading technology companies allow us to combine best-in-class skills with cutting-edge tools and resources. Key technology partners include: SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, IBMCognos, Qlik, and Tableau.


Supply Chain

  • Supply Chain Visibility, Responsiveness, & Resilience
  • Smart Factory
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Inventory Modeling
  • MRP Optimization
  • Transport Cost Optimization
  • Transport Cost Optimization – 3PL
  • Vendor Performance & Risk Assessment
  • Production Impurity Prediction
  • Production Routing Optimization
  • PO Release-Contextual Intelligence
  • CAPEX Spend Decisions
  • Spend Analytics
  • Working Capital Management
  • Liquidity Forecasting/ Cashflow Projections
  • Product Portfolio Optimization

Customer Experience

  • Marketing Mix Model
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Discount Analysis
  • Campaign Analytics
  • Precision Marketing
  • Recommendation System
  • Churn Analysis
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Opportunity Conversion Likelihood Analysis
  • Attribution Model
  • Cohort Analytics
  • Chatbot
  • Sentiment Analytics
  • POS Log Analysis

Asset Management

  • Predicting remaining life of the Asset
  • Machine Failure Prediction
  • Spare parts inventory strategies
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Throughput Analysis
  • Equipment Performance Analysis
  • Rule Based Preventive Maintenance


  • CEO Dashboard
  • Procurement Dashboard
  • Production Dashboard
  • Marketing Dashboard
  • Sales Dashboard
  • 360 degree Customer Experience

Get more than what you think

We leverage our rich industry knowledge, advanced Analytics techniques, and Technology tools to help you gather insights by bringing together the combined expertise of process, data and analytics, for driving tangible business outcomes. Using a combination of the latest data science techniques and big data technology, we are able to provide insight into all aspects of business operations. Our predictive analytics solutions ensure that you are well-equipped to cope with high volumes of streaming structured and unstructured data and enable accelerated and accurate real time decision making.


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