Comprehensive, prepackaged SAP Business All-in-One solution designed for the HR industry


PeopleOne is a comprehensive, prepackaged SAP Business All-in-One solution designed for the consumer packaged goods industry. Leading human resource companies are leveraging PeopleOne for managing complete enterprise processes, such as workforce management, time management, benefits, payroll administration, workforce reporting, and enterprise portal.

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PeopleOne delivers these necessary tools to improve business performance:

  • Organize, staff, reward and develop your workforce to support key processes most critical to your success
  • Maximize HR’s visibility through integrated processes for every role in the enterprise
  • Align business and HR needs and formulate a clear HR strategy to achieve organizational goals
  • Online interactive reports with real time information for rapid decision making
  • Built-in support of industry best practices providing system flexibility to meet unique company needs. Scalable to meet future business growth requirements

PeopleOne includes all of the tools necessary to get business up and running in a matter of weeks.

Key Features of PeopleOne

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SAP Business All-In-One on SAP HANA

SAP HANA features the usage of a cutting edge in-memory database, enabling companies to access analytical and operational data together in real-time, maximizing the performance capabilities of the industry specific ERP solution. Organizations simplify their IT landscape by eliminating up to 50% of the number of typical servers, enabling faster reporting and transactional instances. Offering advanced features for enhanced user experience, analytics, and data management, SAP All-In-One solutions powered by HANA are guaranteed to accelerate and maximize business performance.

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