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Business All-In-One (AIO)

Low Cost, Low Risk, and Rapid Implementation, are Some of the Benefits of our Fully Operational, Certified Industry Solutions

Business All-In-One (AIO)

These comprehensive, powerful, prepackaged solutions help enterprises to respond quickly and decisively to dynamic market conditions. YASH’s SAP Business All-in-One solutions are designed for small and mid-sized enterprises and provide extensive pre-packaged business scenarios, training, and documentation for faster implementations and lower costs. Organizations benefit with better data visibility, fine-tuned business operations, and an enterprise system that scales to meet growing business demands.

You get out-of-the-box functionality designed for your industry with fixed price, fixed timeline and rapid implementations, which speeds up your ROI.

  • Proven industry specific solutions
    Preconfigured for your industry to meet specific IT requirements and spanning the entire operation to provide superior insight to running your business more profitably.
  • Rapid Return on Investment
    Fixed implementations means you are up and running faster and with lower costs. You get all the advantages of the leading business application software sooner so that you can concentrate on optimizing the business operations.
  • Integration of critical systems
    Visibility across the entire business means you can fine tune the operation to improve efficiency and profitability.

Choose from one of our certified, robust industry solutions:

ChemOne – An SAP Business All-in-One solution for the chemical industry.

CPGOne – An SAP Business All-in-One solution for the consumer packaged goods industry.

FinancialsOne – A financials-only SAP Business All-in-One solution for any industry.

ManufacturingOne – An SAP Business All-in-One solution for the high-tech manufacturing industry.

PeopleOne– A human capital management solution for any industry.

PharmaOne – SAP® Business All-in-One ERP solution designed specifically for the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.

PlasticsOne– An SAP Business All-in-One solution for the plastics manufacturing industry.

ServicesOne – Professional Service Providers Quickly Benefit From Complete Control of Business Operations .

TechOne – An SAP Business All-in-One solution for high-tech software providers.

WholesaleOne – An SAP Business All-in-One solution for the wholesale distribution industry.

YASH has created additional custom enhancements for our SAP Business All-in-One products. Built into the solution itself, companies have the ability to activate the expanded functionalities to meet their unique business needs and bolster their competitive advantage.


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