Experience true business agility with Oracle GoldenGate


Timely, accurate and relevant information is vital in today’s competitive environment for businesses to stay profitable and ahead of the competition. Disparate and often legacy systems can make seamless integration and access to data a challenge. YASH Technologies services around Oracle GoldenGate help you experience true agility in your business with its superior data integration capabilities that enable faster, better and most cost-effective methods to drive intelligent business decisions.

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Use data better to power your growth strategies

YASH’s robust Oracle GoldenGate integration solutions empower you to load and consolidate your data efficiently ensuring that information on products, customers and partners is available in a timely manner.

As a premium Oracle Gold Partner, we ensure that your critical systems are operational 24×7, and that your data is distributed across the enterprise for optimal decision-making. Our services enable you to quickly and efficiently achieve complete data integration with Oracle GoldenGate.

In addition to the installation and configuration of Oracle GoldenGate to replicate your data in a fairly short span of time, we provide the expertise of our team of experienced architects and developers, to steer you in the right direction and ensure a successful experience.

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Get more than what you think from YASH Technologies

With our deep expertise and rich industry experience, we can help you focus on your business critical needs and conceive a successful, long-term strategy to migrate your data and integrate it to your existing environment. With YASH as your partner, you can gain key benefits such as:

  • Enhanced decision making with real-time business analytics
  • Access to mission-critical applications in real-time without disruption
  • Increased flexibility and support for heterogeneous infrastructure
  • End-to-end data integration of varied systems

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