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Why is Oracle Cloud the Choice of Futuristic Businesses?

By: | Karthik Jayaraman

Publish Date: December 27, 2017

Every domain in today’s’ business faces unique challenges with underlying complexities. They need to meet increasing customer demands, accelerated data intelligence to action and also move ahead constantly.
Businesses must implement the latest technology to understand their markets and also launch newer business models. However, as software-as-a-service (SaaS) landscape evolves to include a plethora of cloud-based departmental solutions, most business leaders claim that they do have difficulties in transferring workloads between public, private, and hybrid cloud—or even migrating to the cloud at all.
Businesses hence require solutions that accelerate collaboration across different functions to make better, faster decisions. Organizations want to strategically leverage new market information and execute with streamlined processes at a scale that ensures a competitive advantage. Businesses also want to improve time to market for new products and services, improve operational efficiency, and more efficiently comply with government and industry regulations. They also want data security, in conjunction with powerful analytics that can enable their teams to extract business insights and also seize opportunities that might arise. Without an agile and scalable platform to allow these initiatives, the enterprise can quickly find itself with disparate data and disconnected silos. The need is a solution that will serve as a constant backbone to the company’s digital transformation.
Why Oracle Cloud Platform Services for Businesses?
From finance to marketing & sales to human capital, enterprises are looking for agile technology solutions that can be deployed quickly and easily. Oracle Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) provides the expertise, flexibility, and scale needed to more intelligently and securely automate operations, boost productivity, and reduce costs for competitive advantage. Oracle Cloud Platform has the complete line of cloud-based platform services that can create new business functionalities and also extend analytics to every corner of the enterprise. The solutions enable self-service business processes that can facilitate collaboration and improve productivity across many business domains. These solutions are derived from decades of data management expertise and fundamental technologies now available in the cloud.
The Oracle Cloud Platform Services for business accelerates business innovation, streamlines business processes integration, employee self-service, and robust analytics that will transcend business functions. It can increase the productivity and boost collaboration of all the department teams thus freeing up valuable capital resources and skills from complex technology and infrastructure. Oracle does the hard work of installing, maintaining, and upgrading these information systems, as well as hosting data for cloud customers. This will all add up to more significant scale, better data-driven decision-making, and higher performance.
Oracle Cloud Capabilities for Business

  • Database Integration – With Oracle Database Cloud Service and Oracle Big Data Cloud Services, it is easy to store and manage departmental data initiatives without getting bogged down by the complex infrastructure. Businesses can either choose a dedicated database instance through direct network connection along with complete administrative control or Oracle managed dedicated schema with comprehensive development and deployment platform.
  • Business Continuity and Service Level Ensured – Most businesses hesitate to initiate their move to the cloud because of business continuity and service level issues, which at times may lead to huge losses for the organization. Oracle ensures that there is no hindrance to the business continuity and service level.primises_primary_cloud
  • Identity Management – Security is one of the most critical and important aspects of every new initiative. Data loss & leakage risks, unauthorized access and improper access controls, hijacking of accounts and malicious insiders are some of the top concerns that pose challenges in the ever faster delivery of these new services. Identity & Access Management (IAM) provides a single aggregated/unified view of identities to all systems. A single identity can be used to access any application or cloud-based services across the organization. It enables multi-channel access and provides a platform to define and enforce policies at one layer to ensure consistency. The ability to enable the business and drive new opportunities through a robust, secure infrastructure and a platform designed for this kind of business agility.oracle_clode_process
  • Data Analysis & Prediction – Oracle Big Data Discovery Cloud Service empowers business analysts to quickly visualize and explore big data without data wrangling and programming skills. They can also test new ideas in a data lab. Advanced analytics reside within the database to facilitate rapid deployment and high performance, allowing marketing professionals to predict market events and behavior with unparalleled accuracy and precision.
  • Mobility – With Oracle Mobile extending these processes and insights to any device becomes easy. Even Oracle’s well-established business applications are available in the cloud. For instance, mobile self-service apps for Oracle E-Business Suite enables employees to execute tasks on mobile devices and extract value from existing backend systems.
  • Collaboration – The modern work environment requires employees to use tools for sharing files both within and outside the enterprise firewall. Oracle BPM technology allows business users to integrate SaaS and on-prémisses system. Oracle Integration Cloud Service provides point-and-click connections and prebuilt integrations among systems, alleviating the need for cloud or SaaS expertise. Oracle Data Visualization and Oracle Business intelligence Cloud Service help business leaders to analyze and share strategic insight.From collaboration to mobile development, from business intelligence and big data analytics to the IoT, Oracle Cloud Platform is the most integrated and comprehensive cloud platform available today.

YASH Oracle Cloud Application Solutions Portfolio

YASH experts ease your transition to the cloud by providing strategic insights and implementation expertise to help build and evolve your private, public and hybrid cloud strategy. Our cloud solutions are designed to give you choice and flexibility in how you deploy your cloud solution so that it is uniquely aligned with your business requirements.

Partner with YASH and we’ll help you to enhance your Oracle cloud investment and provide your business with tightly integrated, comprehensive, superior services throughout your cloud journey.


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