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Office 365 and Dynamics 365 integration A game changer

By: | K R Venkatanarayanan

Publish Date: July 29, 2019

Organizations depend on many applications for a seamless experience, for which these applications need to be centralized. Data needs to be accessed on any device, at any time for a seamless experience with everything going on the cloud. A powerful platform on its own, Dynamics 365 a cloud-based solution, with the combined capabilities of ERP and CRM that can leverage the functionality available in all other Office 365 applications
Combining Dynamics 365 and Office 365 integration enables:

  • Easier work and access to familiar applications with constant connectivity
  • Tracking customer interactions through the use of cloud services
  • Easier maintenance
  • Enhanced productivity
  • More availability across various devices
  • Smarter insights to sales data

Advantage Office 365 features and Dynamics 365 combination
Excel with Dynamics 365

  • Update large amounts of records easily in Excel online, from within Dynamics 365 instead of going through the process of editing records one after the other.
  • To analyze and save data, view & update reports using Excel Online within the platform to perform all the necessary data analysis.
  • Export or Import data, creating templates, and refresh or edit Dynamics data directly.

Word with Dynamics 365

  • Use word templates available in Dynamics 365 to create, design or modify the layout of a document.
  • Merge customer data quickly into the word template to create summaries.

Outlook with Dynamics 365

  • Track emails easily.
  • View information with a single click from within Outlook Calendar.
  • Track meetings & customer appointments.
  • Create new Dynamics records & activity lists in response to emails from Outlook.
  • Automatically schedule tasks.

SharePoint with Dynamics 365

  • Save precious database space & reduce data storage.
  • Easily source customer data from SharePoint.
  • Documents can be linked to a quote, opportunity or any record and can surface in SharePoint, along with functionalities.
  • Using the document management capabilities of SharePoint readily collaborate with users outside the organization & also share documents.

OneNote with Dynamics 365

  • Take notes wherever you go with the OneNote application.
  • Make or edit notes within an activity wall record, both on the web application & Mobile apps.
  • Promptly capture, organize & store notes or images on any device.1

Social Engagement with Dynamics 365

  • Gain insights into social media data and spot emerging trends from comments.
  • Use real-time data to analyze how customers interact with social media.
  • Address issues before significant problems arise.

Skype for Business with Dynamics 365

  • Real-time communications with customers, colleagues or team members.
  • Track meetings.
  • Conduct webinars or meetings and instantly send a record of the event to all participants.

Power BI with Dynamics 365

  • Gain insights into customers’ business history.
  • Create powerful visualizations with Dynamics data and embed it right into the D365 dashboards.
  • Learn to improve processes using cloud-based business intelligence and analytics service.
  • Quickly get information from Dynamics, analyze and format data using powerful visuals.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Office 365 are business tools with their benefits and can become a more powerful resource bringing in a cost-effective, flexible, competitive and customer oriented solution that brings in a new level of productivity, empowering collaboration, efficiency, and ease of doing business.

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