A closer look at Microsoft Dynamics 365 for marketing

A closer look at Microsoft Dynamics 365 for marketing

By: | K R Venkatanarayanan

Publish Date: June 21, 2019

Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s combined ERP and CRM platform and comes with everything a marketing team needs in today’s age of online consumerism. It allows marketers to customize all their data and is a key element to attract new, promising leads. It can provide all the tools SMBs need to execute successful marketing campaigns across several channels. These robust tools can be used out-of-the-box to create and deliver campaigns across multiple channels and come loaded with templates that can be extensively customized using a simple drag-and-drop interface. It features in-depth tracking of customer journeys, making it more powerful and complex.

Advantage Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Customer journey creation

Customer journey is an actionable, customizable model and features a drag and drop customer journey builder, where unlimited numbers of custom workflows can be created and assigned to specific segments of contacts. Every stage can also be automated to execute a step either through scheduling or when triggered by particular customer action. Implementing a tailored customer journey enables businesses to promote personalized interactions with customers and streamline their marketing operations with event-driven automation, easily visualizing campaigns.

Multi-channel campaigns

Campaigns can be rolled out across multiple channels, with templates and design tools available to quickly put together professional-looking emails, lead capture forms or dynamic landing pages, with a focus on driving conversions.

Event Management

The solution has the breadth to manage large-scale conferences or multi-day onsite events and offers comprehensive functionality that plans event logistics like venue and speaker management, registrations, scheduling, and attendance tracking. A portal management system helps companies create a branded event portal for attendees and also manage their profile, attendance, registrations, and gather all the necessary information.


Webinars generate leads through content marketing, and Dynamics 365 for Marketing allows to manage, arrange, and deliver webinars by integrating with third-party webinar platforms.

Lead management

Intuitive lead management tools help track, score, and nurture leads more effectively. An intelligent, automated lead-scoring system helps to qualify leads at every stage of the customer journey based on predetermined rules so that businesses can rate leads based on criteria that reflect what’s most valuable to them. The scoring system then assigns grades to the leads asserting their sales-readiness, helping salespeople to focus on the most lucrative areas.

Marketing insights

It features rich analytical tools to collect & scrutinize data and offer actionable insights. Dynamics 365 for Customer Insights is an Azure-based business intelligence service that is designed to help businesses get an exhaustive, informative picture of their customers by using data visualization tools like heat maps. The service is integrated with Marketing, so that companies can see detailed interaction reports for every piece of the content deployed throughout their customer’s journey, from within the app’s native dashboards.

Competitor Entity

Finding competitors and analyzing competitor marketing and sales strategy is simplified in Microsoft Dynamics. The Competitor entity in Microsoft Dynamics provides competitive sales intelligence that would otherwise go unnoticed, and this is where sales and marketing users can store important information about competitor companies that their product or service are sold up against every day. With just a few months of data, users can access average win/loss percentages by specific competitors, which will ultimately give their sales and marketing team invaluable information about their strong spots and weak points. This functionality allows circulating competitive information throughout the organization, ensuring that people who deal with an opportunity can compete as effectively as possible.

Dynamics 365 Portals

Customer portals are set up to help event attendees get the most out of an organization’s events. Customer engagement content & online surveys can also be managed through the tool.

Marketing Forms

With Dynamics 365 for Marketing, forms can be created within Dynamics 365 and mapped to create or update records in the system. Building forms is much easier, and previews can also be generated across various devices

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