Data Management

Optimize data management processes for confident business decisions

Does your enterprise have access to high-quality, accurate data that is integrated and readily accessible? Confronted by challenges of migration, integration, changing regulatory compliance and technology convergence, companies struggle to seamlessly manage and standardize the entire data lifecycle.  A robust data management solution provides clarity for effective decision making, better risk management, lower operational cost and better analytics.


Trust YASH Technologies as your data management partner to comprehensively address your evolving data management requirements.


Benefit from speedy solutions for all your complex data migration and integration challenges


YASH’s holistic data management services range from planning, development, delivery, and maintenance, and ensure a single source of complete, standardized, and timely information across the data lifecyle.


Our dedicated Center of Excellence for BI/DW and data management services leverages industry-leading Extract/Transform/Load (ETL) and Extract/Load/Transform (ELT) tools. We use ETL/ELT tools to design and populate analytic databases such as data warehouses, data marts and operational data stores.


Our ETL Center of Excellence has a variety of solutions to suit your business needs:



  • Project Management
  • End-to-End Implementation
  • Data Mart Consolidation and Integration
  • Enterprise Data Warehousing
  • Data Synchronization and Governance
  • Master Data Management
  • Data Management Services
  • Manage Upgrades and Migrations
  • Performance tuning and Optimization


  • Data Cleansing & Consolidation
  • DIET ETL Service
  • Design & Development Of Data Warehouse & Data Mart

Product Focus

  • Informatica
  • Data Stage
  • Hyperion
  • SAS
  • Microsoft SSIS

Get more than what you think from your data management processes with YASH

Our dedicated ETL team offers Business Intelligence, Information/Application Management, and Data Mining for all Industry verticals. We help you customize and implement the latest data management strategies and technologies to build the best, most comprehensive processes and platforms that will help you win the ever changing data game.

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