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Last updated on March 20, 2020

Samrat Bhave

Samrat Bhave Solution Architect [Mobility & Cloud Transformation service]

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How we deployed a mobile automation solution that accelerated the assembling process by 40%

The erosion of traditional forms of manufacturing is an inescapable conclusion. In the years to come very few aspects will have more impact on a company’s success than customer gratification. The secret ingredient to consumer happiness is the consistency of purpose, thought, and action over a long period of time. In an age when retail markets are proliferating exponentially this is especially important. Empowerment of consumer preferences are increasingly empowering. Consistency and constant improvisations are key.

Unfortunately, it requires top-leadership to pay scrutinous attention to their business and its processes. This is because attaining customer satisfaction can be an expensive undertaking if the leadership does not have a single view of the truth across all customer touchpoints and processes that affect them. For example, if you are consistently delayed in delivering backorder items or miss out on doing timely quality checks, the customer is bound to eventually lose his patience. After all, there are countless ways for the customer to not be satisfied, but essentially only one thing that makes them happy – bring in perfection in aspect of the production processes – every single time.

Metrics to overcome formidable customer satisfaction challenges

Perfection may seem like a tall order however, it really is not. Provided apt attention is paid to metrics during the planning and quality control phase, perfection is possible. Embedded advanced product quality planning and quality design techniques can now be taken advantage of to ensure all-time product serviceability and to increase the mean time between failures.

We already know inventory accuracy and keeping stockouts to a minimum are important for customer satisfaction, yet these metrics are not holistic. Delivery in Full by Line and/or Order’, or DIFOT, measures how many orders you have delivered without any delays, shortages, or backorders. Similarly, actions such as monitoring order costs, service resolution duration, and quality planning in the assembly line itself go a long way to garnering customer loyalty.

What we did

At YASH our Mobility Experts and CoEs have designed a solution that helps quality control teams prioritize their checks on the parts received and attain increased visibility in the production cycle. This was done to increase the efficiency and pace of the assembly line process for one of our clients. A combination of native Android application for the gatekeeping team and a net based application for the quality control team were tightly integrated into the central QAD ERP system. The mobile application scanned the barcodes of products received by the warehouse’s gatekeeping personnel to reflect the goods received activity in the QAD ERP system.  The moment goods were they were immediately reflected in the web portal for the quality check team to act upon. The web application ensured the update of QAD system when the products are ready for assembly, ensuring zero time-loss.

Picking your metrics

Choosing your ideal metrics from a sea of solutions can be difficult and if done wrong, expensive. Too many metrics can also confuse teams. Every solution you implement comes with a cost, and every decision you make affects multiple metrics. Aligning your targets with metrics after a thorough analysis of your process-gaps make the most sense, as a firm grasp on what your customers value will let you measure your performance across those metrics.

YASH constantly works with customer’s Quality Control teams at every stage of their assembly line to ensure utmost customer satisfaction. Want to know more about how to choose the right metrics for your enterprise? Be sure to drop by the YASH booth #510 at the QAD Explore 2019.


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