Business Outcomes We Deliver.

Committed YoY cost reductions

Realize enhanced value beyond cost savings

Tools and accelerators for digitization and automation

Improve end user satisfaction

Single point of accountability from sales to delivery

Measurable Service Delivery Framework.

Based on the vision of “Moving towards Zero Maintenance”, the journey takes you through the efficiencies and value unlocked through a structured and measurable approach i.e., our 3D model.

Our 3D model expanded as Discover – Define – Deliver, which helps in unlocking the true value of your digital journey by way of service optimization, service excellence and landscape transformation by taking end-to-end responsibility for the delivery of the requested services based on the agreed SLAs.


Integrated Delivery Hub.

Our technology-enabled service delivery platform encompasses ready-to-deploy automation tools specific to business processes and technologies, unified view of service delivery through insightful dashboards in near real-time, data analyzers that provide actionable insights by correlating customer issues with application behavior. Overall, this platform helps both customers and delivery teams to bring in service excellence from the start of the engagement.

KT Workbench

Transition lifecycle management from planning, execution, KM, and monitoring.

ERP Automation Suite

Suite of productivity and automation tools to automate and reduce ticket resolution and improve customer satisfaction.

BOTs Library

An exhaustive list of operational and service BOTs that can be readily deployed on the customer’s instances for realization of productivity benefits and cost efficiencies.

Demand Management Tool

It helps to forecast, plan, monitor and execute enhancements for AMS engagements.

Success Stories.

For a global manufacturer of industrial tools, household hardware, and security products


$8M cumulative cost saving over 4 years


10% YoY productivity improvement


Migrated 500+ applications to Cloud


Implemented digital solutions (using RPA, mobile apps, e-Commerce) for cost savings and productivity improvements

For a global industrial manufacturer of heavy equipment


$3M saved of our continuous service improvements


30% saving on ad-hoc projects with COE alignment


Multi-language support for SAP applications globally, running 24/7


Run SAP like a factory (RSLAF) was deployed for complete system monitoring

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