Transform – Automation Centric Transformation


Transformational AMS is a resourceful application management service that enables users to reinvent their organizational goals. It gives them an edge over their competitors.

The transformation phase in AMS creates an opportunity for service integration, collaboration, and business re-engineering through thoughtful analysis, innovation, and migration. YASH’s domain experts transform your current business services through intelligent modernization and the porting of business applications.

YASH’s extensive domain knowledge combined with the IP of trusted partners and YASH’s global compliant methodologies enables a quick and effective transformation across the enterprise to swiftly realize value.

Gain a wide range of business benefits when you outsource the running of your business applications to YASH. These include:

  • Enhances customer experience
  • Superior productivity of business functions
  • Reduces time for operations and allows resources to be more focused on strategic initiatives
  • Ensures business continuity and security as well as improves performance
  • Boosts manageability, scalability, and certainty of business operations
  • Promotes a better understanding of the value of applications
  • Curates an application portfolio aligned to your business needs

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