Rethink and simplify your application portfolio to support an agile business environment



Business demands are changing at a rapid pace, leading to IT leaders working hard to deliver business results leveraging all the IT Investments that the organization has done across the years. As businesses grew organically and otherwise, applications were added (or acquired) to cater to different requirements, and over time, the portfolio of applications needed to support the business became increasingly complex and challenging to manage saddling organizations with some disparate applications. This would include applications that have been deployed recently using the latest technologies and those that are part of their legacy. These applications may be serving critical business functions or helping drive significant revenues. The applications could be on older technology platforms as also be out of sync with the business processes evolution in the organization or be used by just a handful of users or lack the needed process/technical documentation etc.

While some organizations classify applications by Tiers, others use nomenclatures like current and legacy, etc. For supporting, enhancing, upgrading and maintaining applications, organizations spend large amounts of money. Given the cost pressures on Global Businesses, most organizations look to manage their portfolio in a manner to ensure that while business continuity/value-add happens, lowering the costs and efforts goes hand in hand.

We at YASH, understand that in almost every business, the application portfolio is fundamental to day-to-day operations, and in supporting the business goals of the organization. YASH Application Portfolio Management Services take a proven, structured and strategic approach to the inventory, analysis, and transformation of an organization’s application portfolio. Leveraging the YASH APRM framework we can obtain clarity on the overall application landscape, analyze applications and look to optimize/rationalize the portfolio based on business requirements and priorities. At the core of this framework is the clarity that applications need to be supported (even if they would ultimately be migrated or retired) in a structured manner which ensures business continuity and comfort.

Get more than what you think from YASH Technologies

While extracting maximum value from your existing application investments, YASH APRM can

  • Provide stakeholders with current and reliable information on applications
  • Reduce costs and optimize the value
  • Align the application portfolio with business strategies
  • Implement shared services
  • Ensure Business Continuity
  • Create future-proof IT application landscape
  • Enable analysis of the portfolio acquisitions, divestitures and entry into new markets
  • The digital readiness of the application portfolio to enable support of critical business critical Analytics, Mobility initiatives, etc.

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