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The term legacy no longer refers to applications running on mainframe environments, but any application that prevents business process change. With the high velocity of technology evolution, today’s cutting-edge solutions become outdated sooner. Outdated legacy environments impede business growth, pose enormous costs for maintenance and hinder the ability to bring on the right skillsets due to continually changing regulatory requirements. YASH Technologies helps you build a lean, robust and future-forward IT asset portfolio designed to improve the agility of existing applications, reduce IT operating costs and produce tangible business outcomes.

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Rediscover flexibility, stability, and innovation across your enterprise

With years of experience in modernization, YASH ensures better alignment of your application and IT infrastructure landscape to your business needs for improved agility.

The comprehensive suite of modernization solutions offered by YASH includes:

Application Portfolio Rationalization and Management (APRM): Our best-in-class APRM solution suite helps you derive greater value from your application portfolios through a disciplined and systematic approach to strategic portfolio management and transformation.

Infrastructure Modernization: YASH empowers you to reduce dependencies on legacy applications and upgrade your infrastructure to use the latest technologies such as the Cloud, laying a foundation for a simplified service model.

Application modernization

Legacy software applications are a source of frustration with poor user experience, high maintenance costs, and costly new feature development. The user also expects an integrated experience, which is difficult to achieve with legacy platforms not designed for cloud and mobile experience. With a modernization initiative, an enterprise can achieve the following benefits:

  • Take advantage of new IT architectures
  • Cloud computing
  • Service-oriented architecture
  • Mobile support

Service Offerings

Get more than what you think from YASH Technologies

YASH is a trusted IT partner, helping to modernize global enterprises across different business verticals. Our modernization frameworks are designed to support all forms for modernization efforts such as Webification, Re-hosting, Re-platforming, Business Process Driven Integration, etc. Our team of experienced consultants is well-qualified to assess your business requirements effectively, and design capacity plans to scale up for future needs.

  • No Business Interruptions
  • No on-going license fees
  • No proprietary code or languages
  • No Code Freeze
  • SOA Enablement
  • 100% Retention of business rules
  • 100% Functionally equivalent applications and databases
  • Open platform usage for reduced costs

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