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Businesses across verticals are undergoing a massive transformation as new technologies and applications make an impact on their progress, causing their IT landscape to become more complex, siloed and fragmented. Organizations which are seeking to grow and thrive have to stay ahead of the social, technological, economic and environmental changes that beset them. They need to ensure that their business is adaptive to changes, responsive, efficient and also in a position to identify threats or opportunities at the right time. Every day employees strive to complete many time-consuming business processes that demand accuracy and speed. Customer relationship management is also now more critical and challenging than ever. Automating manual tasks by Robotic Process automation can improve employee engagement, productivity, and regulatory compliances while Business Process Management (BPM) can support business optimization and enable rapid response to business challenges while ensuring that change is managed well.

Why Pega

Pega specializes in enhancing and automating business processes especially business process management, digital process automation, and customer relationship management, using cloud-architected software built on a unified Pega Platform. With Pega, organizations can flexibly and seamlessly leverage BPM & RPA functionality in the best possible manner (in line with their organizational needs). By uniting these capabilities on one platform, organizations can quickly deploy robotic automation to handle routine tasks and then manage those tasks within the overall business processes to ensure optimal outcomes for customers. Pega’s patented technology enables organizations to realize rapid and significant business returns by directly capturing business objectives into fully automated processes and eliminating manual programming. It allows clients to adapt to changing business conditions and outperform the competition.

YASH-Aaseya expertise

Aaseya IT Services, a wholly-owned subsidiary of YASH Technologies harnesses its market-leading Pega Platform expertise to help global organizations fast forward their digital automation deployments while minimizing risks. YASH Technologies and Aaseya have the in-depth consulting expertise to guide organizations as they drive innovation-focused digital transformation initiatives — from strategizing, business case development, planning, implementation, and optimization. Leveraging consultants with unmatched certifications, proven solutions, and frameworks in conjunction with deep industry and functional expertise, Aaseya & YASH deliver solutions that converge both BPM and CRM paradigms.

YASH – Aaseya Service Offerings

  1. Assessment and consulting services
  2. Project implementation
  3. Architecture and design review
  4. Pega strategic application and development
  5. Maintenance and testing services
  6. Support services
  7. Performance health check and remediating services
  8. BPM CoE set-up and consultancy
  9. Pega Robotics
  10. Pega Marketing

BPM Service offerings

YASH – Aaseya PEGA CoE’s

Robotic Process Automation to automate routine tasks and speed up manual tasks by automating user actions. YASH – Aaseya has a world-class RPA CoE that combines with Pega products to create higher value for organizations.

CRM lets organizations engage customers via any channel they choose, automating processes and guiding employees to deliver satisfying, efficient and accurate customer service experience in every interaction.

Business Process Management combines in-depth domain knowledge with process improvement expertise, change management skills and specialized IT capabilities to provide a comprehensive set of services and solutions.

Why YASH – Aaseya

YASH – Aaseya works closely with Pega product specialists equipped with the necessary knowledge tools, frameworks, best practices, governance and methodologies to deliver a true enterprise-wide digital transformation experience, from the initial project planning to post-implementation. YASH – Aaseya’s operational best practices can help realize higher value from PEGA investments, with lower cost and minimal risk.

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