Microsoft Dynamics 365 for discrete manufacturing

By: | K R Venkatanarayanan

Publish Date: February 7, 2019

Increasing customer expectations and the impact of advanced digital technologies are fuelling transformation across all industries especially in the manufacturing sector. The increasing accessibility of digital tools, such as cloud storage, software applications, and IoT sensors, is making it easier to create “smart factories” where devices, assets, and resources from all locations can synchronize together to make the industry more productive and real-time. Transforming operations and improving efficiency is a prime most priority for most manufacturing businesses, especially discrete manufacturers. To build an organization which can truly face an industrial overhaul, the need is to have a robust business management solution like Microsoft Dynamics 365. Dynamics 365 is an ERP Application which seeks to break down the silos between front- and back-end processes to help manufacturers unify their operations, gain better visibility of their processes, and engage with their customers more efficiently.

Common challenges in discrete manufacturing

  • Create new revenue streams through product-based services.
  • Proper data mining and analysis.
  • Address the ever increasing needs of connected, empowered consumers.
  • The need to engage more deeply with customers to drive innovation based on their needs.
  • Redirect focus to keep pace with customer needs and discover new ways to add value.
  • Breaking down silos and get insight into every level of the manufacturing process.
  • Monitor real stock levels and the arrival of new components to adjust production and optimize
  • View and analyze production data remotely or on-site.
  • Make decisions based on real-time analytics results, act quickly and eliminate inefficiencies.
  • Maintain preventive maintenance schedules to minimize impact on production.
  • Collect all data and insights under the umbrella of a single, familiar software.

How can Dynamics 365 help?
MS Dynamics 365 is an intuitive, cloud-hosted, intelligent solution which offers users a single platform to manage their entire operations thus making collaboration easier, processes faster, and reporting more pragmatic. This will enable manufacturers to put customer engagement at the forefront of their business. Dynamics 365’s built-in AI capabilities also help manufacturers derive actionable insights from their data, make predictions based on earlier actions and events, and graduate from being reactive to staying one step ahead.
Streamlines Asset management
Dynamics 365 allows manufacturers to monitor their apparatus by processing data in real-time closely.  It also allows them to view performance, usage, and machine lifecycle information anytime, anywhere, and so any issues or problems can be resolved remotely to maximize uptime. Manufacturers can keep a close watch on their assets, spot broken or inefficient components, and use collected data to develop more efficient equipment.

Cloud based MS Dynamics 365 can also be enabled on a mobile that gives the right people instant access to real-time information to address issues that can be addressed before they significantly impact the manufacturing process.

Optimizes supply chain operations
Data from sales, suppliers, product performance, and customer service across the supply chain can be monitored to gain a complete, real-time overview of operations and this can improve the supply chain process. Dynamics 365 acts as a “single source of truth” to help discrete manufacturers quickly adapt to changes and developments, cutting down on wasted time and resources.

Enhances innovation 
Dynamics 365 offers greater insight into the business operations by highlighting areas that can be optimized, shortening processes, and eliminating unnecessary costs. With product, customer, and performance data being analyzed real-time, manufacturers have more freedom and scope to improve the way they work and react to changes quickly.

Improves customer experiences
Dynamics 365 is a centralized, intelligent platform and allows manufacturers the agility to respond and adapt to changes at any point. Manufacturers can push through rush order, update or edit orders throughout the production process, utilize multi-level production orders to simplify make or buy decisions, and run “what-if” scenarios to better prepare for changes and predict their effects. With MS Dynamics 365’s predictive analysis and intelligent reporting, discrete manufacturers can tailor their products for each customer based on their purchase history and activity.

Boosts profitability
By providing manufacturers with the right tools and much-needed intelligence to make their services better, faster, and more customer-focused, Dynamics 365 enables manufacturers to eliminate waste, reduce errors, and provide more value to customers; all of which results in higher profits, and a progressive future.

According to Gartner’s CX Pyramid, predicting customer needs, and delivering solutions before they even feel the impact of any issues is the key to taking customer experience from good to great. And when it comes to running a manufacturing industry, nothing is more critical than process. From planning and production to shipment and service, manufacturing depends upon smart business processes. Dynamics 365 offers discrete manufacturers a smart, data-driven software and technology solution that can become the backbone of their manufacturing optimization plan.

K R Venkatanarayanan – Program Manager@YASH Technologies

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