Digital in Health solutions & offerings helps the healthcare & life sciences industry navigate through complex decisions. We help you leverage digitalization and data capabilities to strengthen your operations, optimize your clinical and patient care processes, connect care teams, and support diagnostic and therapeutic decision-making.

Our domain-specific digital strategies and solutions, carefully curated from our expertise and experience, have helped us serve leading healthcare & life science players worldwide.

Our team comprises project managers, solution architects, developers, senior healthcare consultants, UX consultants, integration consultants, and statutory and industry compliance experts; among focus areas include,

  • Data Platforms
  • Connected Care and IoT
  • Provider & Patient Portals
  • HMS and EMR Systems
  • App Development and Modernization
  • Digital Clinical Trials
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • M&A IT Consolidation

Service Offerings


Value visibility and realization, Digital Strategy, Business Process Advisory, Rapid Pilots, Product Management Advisory, Process/Operations Excellence Services, Agile Transformation, and Project Management.

Data Analytics and AI

Data Advisory and Engineering, Data Platform Modernization and Consumption, Analytics, BI and AI Implementation, Operation, Developing and Deploying Models, Adoptions, and Model Improvements.


GCP, Azure, and AWS implementation, Cloud Transformation and Optimization, Enterprise Modernization and Remediation, Analytics and Big Data, ML and AI, SAP hosting on the Cloud

IoT-Embedded Systems

Edge Gateway Development, Analytics and Data Visualization, Communication Protocol Services, Hardware and Software Platform Design, Firmware and Wireless Design, and MoM

Digital Experience

Strategy Assessment and Advisory, Architecture Assessment and Definition, App Development and Integration, Analytics and Security, Web, Mobility, AR, VR, MR, and Drone


Strategy, Consulting, and Advisory Services, Infrastructure Automation, Application Management Automation, Environment Management, Monitoring and Logging, and Security and Governance.

Infra Management

Core Infrastructure and Cloud Services, Intelligent Business Services Monitoring, Digital Workplace Services, and Unified IT Experience Desk

YASH Differentiators

  • Team of specialists in Digital Transformation, covering Shopfloor to Top floor in across sectors
  • Our pragmatic approach enables quick wins while delivering transformative initiatives
  • YASH's strong technology expertise along with the business understanding
  • "Customer First” approach results in scalable, futuristic and technology agnostic solutions with clear RoI/RoCE