Why are tech-savvy manufacturers leading the industry?

By: Ravi Dhote

Publish Date: October 21, 2021


In an era of rapid growth, Consumers are expecting enhanced personalized experiences from the brands. This desire, along with various product choices pushed companies to deliver their best to meet the new age consumer’s expectations. After being exposed to superior customer experience from players such as Netflix, Amazon, and Uber we expect the same incredible customer experience from the car dealer, water heater service station, etc. Earlier, manufacturers were dependent on distributors and channel partners to understand their consumers however, now they must understand, interact, and foster a closer relationship with their end customers. This new landscape is shifting B2B business models to B2B2C by bringing customers at the center of every experience.

What will enable manufacturers to elevate these relationships?

Today new-age technology has the capability to enable manufacturers to become smarter and predictive with their customers like proactive service from field agents or recommended product configurations for sales representatives?

Nurture Customer Relationship

Organizations like Tesla are not delivering products they are delivering a customer experience that includes exceptional customer service and an ongoing relationship. Yash technologies forged better collaboration and clarity between business users across regions achieving consistent user experience by employing technology-driven systems.

Exceptional Customer Experience: Sales and Services

To provide exceptional customer experience, manufacturers must ensure that their sales and services teams have access to information that gives them a 360-degree view of the customer. A synchronized customer dashboard can efficiently keep all channel players like dealers, distributors, and manufacturer reps on the same page of information.

We Built self-service community apps using the Salesforce Lightning component-based framework that the end customers can use to view and update their device information. Our intervention enabled one of our clients to increase agent productivity by 30% and decreased support cost by 20%.

Smart Customer Decisions

The complex legacy systems requiring excessive integration effort e with new platform holds manufacturers back from transitioning rapidly to digital age.

Our esteemed client who is one of the key auto parts manufacturing players was facing the same challenge with its legacy systems that required a lot of manual intervention for reporting, monitoring, and tracking

YASH Salesforce architects and SMEs efficiently implemented an end-to-end configuration and customized sales and service applications with process automation. This increased client’s marketing productivity by 50% and an average 35% increase in sales revenue.

YASH Salesforce architects guide your team and partners through critical moments of your implementation with technology, business oversight, and strategy expertise. Find out how our architects help you transform your business with a proven, results-driven approach.

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