Digitized Sales and Operations Is Key to Agile Business Operations

Digitized Sales and Operations Is Key to Agile Business Operations

By: Ravi Dhote

Publish Date: May 13, 2022

General Outlook

In today’s world, the mantra for being successful lies in keeping pace with the change. Being agile and able to predict demand is the core of this whole transformation.

Sales and operations planning (S&OP) is essentially a cross-functional, consensus planning process that turns business demand opportunities into an actionable operating plan for manufacturers. All successful organizations keep their account teams at the forefront for predicting results based on what their sales force is saying.  It’s the sales team and channel partners who first capture customer’s demand shifts, this information is critical to streamlining the sales and operations process.

Future Feasibility

Data shows that organizations that have already aligned their sales and operations process are reaping benefits and there’s an exponential growth in the difference between digital and non-digital organizations.

The question that arises here is for how long non-digital organizations can wait?

Situation Orchestration

Access to standard information improves collaboration among the employees.  Lacking proper communication may result in an inefficient sales and operations (S&OP) such as:

  • Siloed or multiple business plans for the same function
  • No single point of ownership for inventories
  • Errors in forecasting
  • Outdated actionable information

This may result in increased costs and missed customer expectations (end customers and/or channel partners).  At Yash, we enabled one of our clients by elevating organizational processes and upgrading communication channels for a polymer manufacturer with SAP and SFDC integration.  We customized the Salesforce Service Cloud solution to boost customer engagement while considering their existing framework.  In addition to the implementation, we also ramped up their operations, allowing the new system to deliver complete clarity and optimum use of all the functions.  This helped them to enhance agent productivity and turnaround time by 30%.


Committing to an efficient sales and operations planning process enables better coordination among the organization all over the world.

Reviewing sales and operations (S&OP) process to verify where the organization stands in terms of basic, collaborating, and integrated maturity. If the issue seems to be communication failures, siloed efforts with multiple plans among functions, then an improved sales and operations (S&OP) process will provide a significant difference.

If this sounds like a familiar problem, then your business may benefit in cross verifying the existing process and implementing a new powerful way to drive the sales and operations (S&OP) process.

Yash has helped its esteemed customers to achieve a consistent user experience by employing technology-driven systems.  We enabled their Salesforce Service Cloud increased win rates by 25%, sales productivity by 35% and revenue by 30%.

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