How to Grow Sales Faster in Manufacturing Durable Goods?

How to grow sales faster in manufacturing durable goods?

By: Ravi Dhote

Publish Date: October 21, 2021

The manufacturing industry is going through an attention-seeking transformation, otherwise known as the 4.0 Industrial Revolution. The manufacturing industry has transformed from conventional manual production processes to new solid automated production techniques.

In this Industrial Revolution, manufacturers have sprung to automate some of their production processes and focus on quality improvement.  Leveraging their investments in ERPs, Automated Tools, Enterprise Solutions, etc… The modern manufacturing industry requires an efficient and effective CRM that helps manufacturers of all sizes to optimize their customer data, stay aligned with the current trends, and offer exceptional customer experiences across various touchpoints.

In order for the sales operation to WIN deals, it must respond to the prospects/customers with agility to include quick quotes, uniform, controlled and accurate pricing. YASH has empowered sales teams by implementing the Salesforce platform with the CPQ solution.

Deploying Salesforce CPQ, empowers the sales representatives as they get real-time access to the product information, customer history, pricing information, incentive, and so much more.

How can YASH Technologies, Salesforce Practice help manufacturing organizations overcome these challenges?

We know organizations want to see value from Salesforce fast – and Sales leaders want to get the CRM platform set up right the first time around.  Our YASH Salesforce architectures help you with:

  • Quick and flexible implementation – Salesforce deployed within weeks by meeting with our experts, who can help you maximize efficiency
  • Tailored to your business – Configure your end-to-end business and processes. And increase team efficiency with guidance and setup.

Salesforce platform’s value creation for Manufacturing Industry

  • Quality Lead Identification: By avoiding the wrong target audience Manufacturers can identify quality leads with segmentation and then convert them to sales. This will automatically generate more leads and hence, more conversions.
  • Quick Response: With Omnichannel execution, the time lag between the customer’s query and response can be decreased.
  • Increase in Lead Conversion: When companies use Salesforce to identify the right leads, they can covert those leads quickly by utilizing their time on the right efforts.
  • Better Flow of Productivity– With Salesforce, Manufacturing companies can experience a better and more efficient flow of productivity. They will work seamlessly with the processes.
  • More Sales & More Revenue– As Salesforce CRM can increase your lead conversions, your sales and revenue will boost. This will create a win-win situation for both businesses and customers.

The YASH Salesforce Practice delivers with its legacy Manufacturing domain expertise, and a proven track record of collaborating with business and IT leaders across:

  • Strategic Salesforce initiatives in business discovery and implementation roadmaps to address specific business challenges
  • Agile, iterative, and outcome-focused Salesforce Implementations & data integrations
  • Managed Services across multi-cloud Salesforce environments
  • Rapid Salesforce Lightning Apps development and classic migrations

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