Manufacturing Industry - Marching towards a connected ecosystem
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Manufacturing Industry- Marching towards a connected ecosystem

By: Ravi Dhote

Publish Date: January 19, 2022

In the digital era we live in, customers expect hyper-personalized experiences from the brands they would like to work with. This is pushing manufacturers to evaluate and adopt new-age ‘Uberized’ delivery models. Manufacturers are transforming their engagement with distributors, retailers, wholesalers, and customers to gain a critical competitive edge. They embrace technologies that will connect them seamlessly with their ecosystem and foster the kind of personalized experiences they would like to offer.

But many manufacturers use complex legacy systems and inflexible processes, making the pace of progress to a connected world challenging. The YASH Salesforce CoE combines the right tools and technologies with the in-depth domain expertise to help manufacturers navigate these challenges with consummate ease and build a future-ready framework to engage their ecosystem efficiently and effectively.

Customer-focused KPIs for “tomorrow’s” Manufacturing enterprises 

  • Enhancing Customer Satisfaction
  • Collaborating with different teams to solve customer queries
  • Providing personalized services using mobile apps
  • Accelerating sales & services with contextual analytics and custom dashboards
  • Effective Customer Engagement and increased Business Productivity

Key Account Focus

The earlier investments in record-keeping systems to manage logistics, operations, and dozens of other functions are inadequate to handle stakeholder relationships, where manufacturers need to collaborate and share business-critical information in real-time. However, manufacturing organizations with a robust CRM implementation at the center of their business operations can enable real-time engagements that drive exceptional outcomes and achieve desired customer behaviors.

How can Manufacturers drive Customer Engagement?

Manufacturing organizations need to expand their CRM processes and tools to engage their customers better, tailor processes, and extend them to deliver personalized experiences across the entire customer lifecycle.

Manufacturers can set up systems to drive success in Key Account Management by:

  • Listening and Learning: By taking advantage of tools like to monitor conversations across channels at scale
  • Creating Personalized Experience for Everyone: Fostering journeys for every customer, driven by predictive insights on profile, demographics, and behavior.
  • Engaging Everywhere: Reaching out to the customer where (and how) they want to be reached ( or engaged with), including phone, email, web, SMS, and social media.

How can YASH Salesforce practice help Manufacturers in building meaningful relationships?

YASH Salesforce practice helps manufacturers grow their revenues, manage contacts, extend experiences beyond the product into data-driven services. We equip them to track every lead, opportunity, and customer while enabling them to take action from anywhere, spend more time in business development, and build strong customer relationships.

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