The spotlight on Python for real-time embedded systems

By: Krenal Chauhan

Publish Date: June 15, 2021

Python is one of the fastest-growing languages for embedded computing and remains one of the most popular programming languages. It has been the number one programming language for the past few years, including 2021. With a simplified syntax emphasizing a natural progression, it is fairly easy to learn to code in. A massive population of programmers specializes in Python due to its ease of use in developing IoT applications. Interestingly named after the Monty Python comedy group, the language is object-oriented, which has resulted in diverse adaptability on various operating systems ranging from Linux to Windows.

At the core of embedded systems, an integrated circuit carries out computation for real-time operations. The complexities of the said systems range from a single suite of processors to a complex network of graphic user interfaces. In this blog, I would like to discuss the five crucial and undeniably vital roles Python plays in empowering real-time embedded systems and their management.

Debugging and equipment control

While developing embedded software, developers have to regularly analyze bus traffic such as USB, SPI, etc.; it is, however, not enough to analyze them. Furthermore, to send messages through the network of embedded systems, they have to be controlled to ensure that the final output is user-friendly. Python is one of the languages that allows the developers to develop a script that will enable them to control the tools and support the interface.

Automated Testing

Python can create automated tests like regression testing for embedded systems set in different states and configurations. Python scripts can test all possible permutations and combinations and study their interactions with the external world. This exercise keeps the system prepared to discover any bug immediately and allows for constant testing to ensure they are resolved.

Analyzing data

Python can be instrumental in receiving and retaining sensitive data on critical embedded systems and store them for local analysis. It can be used for real-time visualizations that reveal essential parameters with the groundwork already existing, reducing the time invested in the effort.

Designing real-time software

Micropython abstracts the underlying microprocessor structure and evens out the hardware requirements. A developer can concentrate on the application specifics of the embedded systems instead of getting stuck in the workings of the hardware involved in the system.

Object-oriented programming

Since Python is an open-source language, it can be used across diverse platforms. Python is easy yet versatile; it can be learned with no background in programming. The learning curve is not steep, and it is an easy language to switch to if needed. Python is the perfect starter pack for any engineer to begin contributing to the design cycle.

Reigning champion language for quick deployment and scaling

The flexibility of the language, adaptability, and ease with which it can be used in a microcontroller environment makes it the ideal programming language for embedded software systems. Paving the way for the Internet of Things, Python can gain wider acceptance reducing the development cost and time for many products. No wonder it is the reigning programming language.

YASH Technologies helps businesses take the potential of embedded systems with Python to create high-quality, well-connected, and well-integrated embedded software and systems for any IT infrastructure. Unlike traditional methods, YASH provides a complete ecosystem of technologies, tools, and accelerators that helps you develop the next generation of embedded software. For example, a leading dairy and farming equipment supplier with a global presence, wanted to make a quick check for code conversion to Python from their code written in MATLAB. With the proficiency of talents at YASH Technologies, they are able to enable the same. Further, YASH Technologies helped them to test their framework extensively and efficiently on Python for embedded applications.

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