Experiences in resiliency from COVID-19
Healthcare Technology

Experiences in resiliency from COVID-19

By: | Anantha Yellapragada

Publish Date: July 24, 2020

Going live and delivering on qualitative outcomes with a healthcare customer
Technology and Global collaboration in health and sciences have historically been the two enablers key to breakthroughs, advances, and successes without which past battles would not have been won right from smallpox to polio to Ebola.
Every country today is at different stages of a battle, but united in a common goal – getting ahead of COVID-19. All levels of community and individuals are acting on measures to mitigate the virus’ impact. Doctors, nurses, scientists, and engineers across all fields of knowledge have been working tirelessly in this fight against the pandemic, with an unparalleled spirit of collaboration. No avenues have been left unexplored; no stone unturned.
Consequently, COVID-19 has put the integrity and trust of healthcare companies on the global center-stage. We recently got some encouraging examples in the form of the African Coalition for Epidemic Research, Response and Training (ALERRT), and one of our customers.
A sprint against time – Lessons in agility, reliability, and outcome
Operating in India, and more than eight countries in Africa, this LifeSciences manufacturer brings >30 years of industry experience to the table with a basket of >250 products. Looking to enhance capabilities by implementing SAP, the major milestone-dates (Explore, Realize and Deploy & Run phases) got planned and even executed well within – nearly 20-25 days ahead of the go-live date, i.e., 1st of April.
Being able to deliver to a customer before time is the most tangible joy relatable to every business. However, the epic proportion of COVID-19 transitioning from an outbreak to epidemic to pandemic in such a short period, cut short our moment of triumph.
Change is the inevitable constant in our work lives – due to the rapid advances in both the ‘I’ and ‘T’, dimensions of Information Technology. Digital transformation strategies have consistently seen sudden challenges and evolving roles but never shared goals. The stress of problem-solving can often be a good thingif we choose to see it that way.
What was going to be an abundance of 40 days, suddenly turned into a deadline of 10 days. Immediately disengagement plans were swung into action, priorities listed, and remote-deployment capabilities introduced. Digital tools such as Go-live planner and check-list were leveraged for the implementation in sync with client’s teams and establish support communication with a freshly formed ‘Cutover committee’ to accelerate and monitor the cutover progress. Every effort spent and each one of the frequent conversations with stakeholders was mission-critical and imbued with critical forethought. While talent from all sides was winning us each of the sprints against time, teamwork was getting us closer to winning the championship.
The common goals of agility in IT in healthcare
They say the faith in client-customer partnerships goes through the trial of fire in times of crisis. And rock-solid faith requires equally intense practice.
As a result of carefully planned out, digitally-supported precautionary measures, and sheer perseverance, both teams could finally go-live as per the scheduled date. Not only could we achieve zero-escalations from day-one, but we also had zero overrides of scope, resource, or impact on refreshed timelines. Finally, post-live-cheers from both teams suggested that we found common grounds of success only through resolute adaptability, responsibility, and planning for resiliency.
We were also happy to learn that technology has finally reached a maturity level where agility for enterprises can be the driving factor for readiness in healthcare for humans.

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