Taming the Supply Chain Beast: How ServiceNow Manages the Manufacturing Lifeline

By: Bharat Ram Kumar Nutakki | Satya Narayana Murty Tummala

Publish Date: March 14, 2024

Digital transformation has significantly impacted the manufacturing industry, bringing about positive changes and enhancing manufacturing standards. Implementing smart factory solutions, smart manufacturing markets and smart processing has led to greater efficiency in manufacturing. ServiceNow has played a crucial role in meeting and exceeding customer expectations in this evolving arena, enabling manufacturers to get a world-class experience.

ServiceNow- One-stop Shop for All Your Manufacturing Operation’s Success

According to a recent report by The Future-Ready Manufacturer, based on a global survey conducted in 2023 with over 1,900 manufacturing leaders by ServiceNow, manufacturers have the potential to improve efficiency and build greater resilience throughout the end-to-end value chain. [1]

ServiceNow is an innovative solution that enables organizations to optimize their operations, increase productivity, and maintain the highest efficiency on the production floor using digital workflows. Its comprehensive suite of products provides a seamless and unified management platform, which enhances customer and supplier relationships by granting instant access to crucial data in real-time.

In this blog post, learn how ServiceNow manages the manufacturing industry and increases its agility and productivity. To understand it, let’s glance at the following key aspects.

Powering supply Chain with Data-Driven Confidence

A robust supply chain is essential for production success. However, supply chain disruptions pose a significant risk. To effectively manage these risks, it is crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of your supply chain dependencies and supplier network, including their suppliers. When unexpected disruptions occur, manufacturers must analyze vast amounts of supplier data. Unfortunately, outdated or duplicated supplier records, manual processes, and disconnected systems hinder swift and confident action. Manufacturers making headway in mitigating supply chain risks are investing in integrating data and insights from multiple systems like ERP and CRM. By leveraging hyper-automation to optimize operations, manufacturers can enhance their ability to assess supplier risk and compliance, expedite supplier onboarding, and effectively collaborate with suppliers to address disruptions.

Equipping the Factory Floor with Digital Prowess.

The shortage of skilled workers is a significant challenge in factory production, as a lack of expertise, skills, and talent can impede operations. With rising labor costs and an aging workforce, the industry has a noticeable scarcity of skilled labor. Additionally, new entrants to the workforce have expectations of digitalized work environments. To address this issue, manufacturers can adopt a digital-focused approach to bridge the talent and labor shortages gap. Manufacturers have made significant progress in digitally empowering factory workers to use digital tools to accelerate problem-solving, training, and upskilling processes. They also implement knowledge repositories to facilitate sharing best practices among workers and factories and digitally manage tasks to streamline step-by-step processes. These industry leaders leverage process automation, dedicated knowledge management systems, and AI and machine learning technologies to enhance workforce capabilities and productivity.

Strengthening the Foundation of Security Within the Factory.

Manufacturers are at high risk of ransomware attacks due to merging unsecured operational technology (OT) into IT systems and networks. Typically, manufacturers manage OT and IT separately, but OT and IT teams must collaborate. Using a unified system such as ServiceNow, contextual dependencies and vulnerabilities can be sorted out between the organization’s OT and IT, devices, applications infrastructure, and third-party integrations. This helps identify possible risks and enables proactive resolutions.

Unleashing the Power of Collaboration Across the Entire Value Chain

Only a small percentage of manufacturers consider themselves digitally mature. This means that they have successfully integrated digital transformation throughout their whole value chain while breaking down traditional organizational silos. These manufacturers have made significant progress in enhancing the security of their operational technology assets, reducing supply chain risks through collaboration with suppliers, and empowering their factory workers through digital means. They understand that the value chain of a manufacturer is greater than the sum of its parts and that managing customer experience, controlling production, and driving product innovation are all crucial for efficient manufacturing. To streamline the entire process, a unified digital platform like ServiceNow can connect insights and drive action across the value chain.

Harnessing the Potential of Visibility for Tangible Value Creation

Manufacturers need visibility to unlock the value of their suppliers and transportation service providers. By gaining transparency, they can track and optimize the supply chain in real time, maximizing quality and performance. ServiceNow Supply Chain Control Tower provides real-time insights to help manufacturers act swiftly and confidently. It understands the unique challenges of manufacturing and supply chains, which enhance operational efficiency.

An essential factor for achieving success in harnessing the power of the ServiceNow platform is partnering with a reliable implementation partner for ServiceNow.

Driving Manufacturing Efficiency with YASH and ServiceNow

In partnership with ServiceNow, YASH Technologies offers efficient solutions for the manufacturing industry. Manufacturers can effectively manage their supply chain by creating a single source of truth within ServiceNow, ensuring transparency through real-time performance tracking and data-driven insights. Manufacturers can access the expertise of the YASH teams, who are adept at a wide variety of related areas, including data science, IT/OT technologies, ERP, and are in a position to combine that with an in-depth understanding of the manufacturing industry. Manufacturers can respond rapidly to disruptive supply chain events with automated digital workflows. Combining Performance Analytics and Continuous Improvement further enhances efficiency and performance in key supply chain processes. YASH Technologies has the experience and the expertise to ensure quick deployments, enabling manufacturers to drive tangible outcomes in weeks rather than months. For more information, please write us at

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