Achieve Peak IT Efficiency with YASH ServiceNow Solution Accelerators

Achieve Peak IT Efficiency with YASH ServiceNow Solution Accelerators

By: Mahtab Alam

Publish Date: April 23, 2024

Enterprises are increasingly grappling with the challenges posed by legacy on-premises systems and the use of diverse, disconnected data sources, processes, and tools. This scenario has created a critical issue – A lack of real-time visibility and coordination between Service Desk & Operations teams and performance metrics. As a consequence, we observe multiple teams operating in silos, each attempting to tackle IT incidents independently. This fragmented approach hampers efficiency and significantly impacts IT services’ overall resilience and agility.

The reliance on outdated systems and the absence of a unified operational view lead to several critical challenges for today’s businesses. Firstly, the IT department’s capability to deliver resilient and robust services is severely limited. In times when downtime can lead to significant financial losses and reputational damage, this limitation is far from trivial. Moreover, much time is spent on firefighting – addressing urgent issues as they arise – rather than on strategic initiatives that drive service delivery and innovation. This reactive approach is not sustainable and detracts from the organization’s ability to compete effectively in the digital marketplace. Another significant challenge is decision-making. Without real-time visibility and cohesive data, making informed decisions becomes nearly impossible. Data-driven decision-making is key to navigating the complexities of today’s business environment, and without it, organizations are navigating blind.

A pertinent question arises in this context: Is it necessary to involve multiple teams to resolve every IT incident? The current model, where complex incidents are escalated across various support levels, is time-consuming and resource-intensive. This leads us to consider the potential of empowering the L1 (Level 1) support team to handle more complex incidents, thereby streamlining the resolution process. Furthermore, the prospect of automating the resolution of common incidents presents an intriguing solution. Could a 100% automated approach be the key to enhancing efficiency and reducing the reliance on manual intervention? This proposition promises to free up valuable IT resources and accelerate incident resolution times, significantly improving service levels.

Moving away from legacy systems and siloed operations towards a more integrated, automated, and agile IT infrastructure is beneficial and essential for survival in the digital age. In the coming sections, we will explore how ServiceNow can help organizations achieve this transformation, enhancing their ability to deliver high-quality IT services and drive business success.

Optimize ServiceNow Investment

Customers view ServiceNow as a strategic platform for end-to-end service that brings excellent experiences and improves productivity across the enterprise. ServiceNow’s implementation journey is part of this digital transformation journey. Successful implementation depends on prioritizing the right outcomes in the right order, delivering early wins, and demonstrating value.

Organizations struggle to find the actual value of the platform due to reasons such as a lack of meticulous planning, misalignment with business goals, and, most importantly, a lack of a qualified team. Customers heavily invested in ServiceNow must assess the efficient IT operation and ROI based on the following components:

1) Resilience: provide efficient, always-on operations.

2) Cost Savings: manage investments wisely – reduce costs across a sprawling landscape.

3) Innovation: modernize and automate the entire landscape. And

4) Experience: create a great experience for employees/customers.

5) Reduction in MTTR:  Reduce Mean time to resolve.

As a ServiceNow Premier partner, YASH is dedicated to leveraging innovations that can be implemented across widely used solutions

YASH harnesses the power of the ServiceNow- Now Platform, which excels at digitizing the workflows throughout a company or across several functions in a unified experience. The unique differentiation lies in utilizing a single platform that shares one data model, one architecture, and many built-in powerful capabilities, such as the ability to build cross-enterprise workflows quickly and a mighty single CMDB (configuration management database) shared across enterprise service management—all thanks to a single source of truth within the organization. The CMDB maintains standardized data terminology across the enterprise. If one department reports an issue with hardware or software, 6other departments know precisely which part of a system needs attention. This is key because, after all, how can you get anything done if your teams aren’t speaking the same language?

The ServiceNow platform connects organizations, fostering a seamless enterprise system of action that integrates silos and systems, facilitates excellent team member and customer experiences, enhances business agility, and unleashes productivity.

ServiceNow – An Integrated Platform And A New Kind Of Problem

The ServiceNow Platform is a proficient means of digitizing workflows across a company or various functions, leading to improved communication and enhanced integration among departments and services. However, the platform also introduces its own set of challenges.

Organizations often maintain diverse teams for distinct tasks, encompassing operations, support, security, and front desk. However, not every team necessarily needs to be involved in addressing a system failure, particularly if the issue can be resolved with a simple fix. YASH has effectively delivered comprehensive end-to-end service platforms for its global clientele. In this process, it has been recognized that while the customer-centric ServiceNow service platform ensures data visibility and an integrated service experience, multiple teams still converge to investigate and resolve incidents. This results in excessive resource allocation, prolonged waiting periods for issue resolution, and delays in real-time updates.

Enterprises in the 21st century should prioritize their core business, return on investment (ROI), and new business avenues rather than expending time on routine tasks. This is particularly crucial when non-business users and subject matter experts (SMEs) can adeptly handle such tasks, allowing SMEs to concentrate on their core strengths.

Efficient Team For Routine Tasks

Let’s look at a common incident raised through a monitoring tool or end-user that involves multiple stages involving different teams. The alerts/incidents get triaged with the basic-level investigation at level 1. Level-2 support needs involvement for next-level investigation/resolution for medium to high-complex issues. Often, the Level-3 support team intervention is a must for resolving issues. Imagine a scenario where “An application service is down due to upgrades or patch application”. A team having the required privileges of the given server/application can only investigate and do the possible fix. The involvement of multiple teams working in siloes becomes unavoidable; this introduces multiple challenges of inefficiency, lack of good experience, and mass communications.

The way forward is an automated solution for investigating and remedying the most common tasks. Yash’s IT accelerator is a purposeful build framework with immense process automation and orchestration opportunities. This is best suited for numerous common incidents/tasks that share the characteristic of being resolved by a straightforward solution.

YASH Solution Accelerators – Accelerator Framework To It Operation

YASH has capitalized on the capabilities of the NOW platform, which serves as the foundation of ServiceNow. This empowers partners with a framework that utilizes ServiceNow and its core layered APIs to construct a solution. The solution framework remains agnostic to ServiceNow modules, allowing seamless integration into ITSM, Security, CSM, and HRSD. The Solution Accelerator, depicted in the diagram below, resides at the apex of ServiceNow IT workflows. It expedites automation between ServiceNow-IT and third-party systems, providing visibility to the resolver group, enriching incidents, and recommending actions for investigation and remediation.

The solution is readily extendable to expedite security incidents or HR cases through predefined commands tailored for the specific domain. Customers or partners like us can extend these predefined commands further.

Today’s enterprises can maximize the value of this solution; customers can also apply it to other business verticals, such as HR, Cybersecurity, and Sales/Marketing. Additionally, the solution can facilitate business case automation, such as “Employee Onboarding, Investigation and Remediation on Alerts, Frequently Asked Questions,” and more.

YASH Solution Accelerators – Key Benefits

The solution accelerator, coupled with ServiceNow, delivers distinctive advantages by providing a unified platform with a shared data model, a plethora of built-in powerful capabilities, and solution accelerators to expedite incident resolution. These features offer substantial benefits and contribute significantly to positive impacts across various service lines.

  • Simplified Experiences: ServiceNow empowers everyone within and outside your organization—employees, customers, partners, distributors, suppliers, field service representatives, or anyone else—by offering a simplified and omnichannel engagement layer. The accelerator enhances resolver groups’ capabilities through predefined, real-time action commands, making their responses more efficient and effective.
  • Efficiency: By alleviating the burden on your employees, this approach drives tangible and measurable business outcomes across various service lines, ensuring efficiency and cost reduction throughout the organization at scale. The contextual suggestions can assist the resolver team in investigating and resolving incidents, significantly reducing time spent and improving throughput and process efficiency.
  • Agility & Value Proposition: Change is the only constant in today’s business landscape, necessitating swift adaptation amid rapid innovation. The partnership of ServiceNow and the Accelerator brings a new level of agility. With a curated list of actionable commands, this intelligent solution ensures rapid incident resolution, resulting in cost savings and an enhanced value proposition.


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Mahtab Alam
Mahtab Alam

Vice President – Global Business Head | ServiceNow, Digital Strategy & Transformation

With over 22 years in digital transformation, Mahtab's extensive experience in areas like ServiceNow, Microsoft, and Cloud makes him an invaluable addition to the YASH Leadership Team. His leadership technique also shines in various roles, from customer engagement to strategic decisions and driving business transformations with Mahtab's pioneering work with ServiceNow led digital transformations for Europe, the UK, and the US based leading to remarkable milestones.

Mahtab Alam
Mahtab Alam

Vice President – Global Business Head | ServiceNow, Digital Strategy & Transformation

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