GICs are becoming an essential element of the organization’s overall IT strategy


Organizations are seeking to drive a judicious balance between outsourcing and insourcing, keeping business value as their principal driver. Global In-house Centres were conceptualised and initiated to enable organizations to foster global talent expansion and cost leverage while ensuring control and governance. GICs have been evolving rapidly in the last couple of years and have metamorphosed to innovation hubs. Modern centers are progressively focusing on high-value activities such as IP-creation, advanced analytics, building competencies around emerging technologies, setting up the center of excellence among others. As a result, GICs are becoming an essential element of the organization’s overall IT strategy.

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During the nascent stage of ideation, India was chosen by organizations as a preferred destination because of low operational costs. Parameters such as availability of quality talent, low operating costs, low-risk profile, adequate infrastructure, etc. have been acting as catalysts. However, cost arbitrage is a thing of past, and Indian GICs have now evolved into Centres of Excellence. With global organizations marching towards digital transformation, India based GICs are increasingly helping drive this initiative.

YASH has a wealth of experience in helping establish and operationalize GICs in India. YASH has a well-regarded framework for helping incorporate a new GIC for an organization. Harnessing the in-depth expertise in strategizing, architecting and operating services delivery centers and flexible engagement models – Build Operate & Transfer (BOT), Joint Venture or a dedicated center – YASH enables a GIC to start operations quickly.

We work with a network of partners and alliances in specific areas who in turn can engage with us under particular requirements and aspirations of our customers.

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YASH Technologies has been involved with multiple Fortune 500 organizations at various stages of their GIC journey. We have worked, hand-in-hand, with these organizations across ideation, incubation and innovations phases. Today, not only we are providing a variety of services to the captives, we are leading the innovation and digital transformation for these organizations. YASH is also at the forefront of fostering innovation programs at multiple GICs and is playing a pivotal role in advancing the “Go – Digital” agenda of the organizations.

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