Reinvent your banking enterprise to prepare for the new normal

Reinvent your banking enterprise to prepare for the new normal

Long before the pandemic, the banking sector was on the path to transformation. However, with the acceleration of digital solutions and due to the unprecedented growth in fintechs, the banking sector has realized that the tide is washing over them. In a study by Dynata, 82 percent of customers in the US expected their banks to personally understand them [1], thanks to newer priorities and customer behavior patterns brought up by the global health crisis.

Planning to take advantage of digital channels for your banking enterprise? Discover Soltius ME and YASH Technologies

Although banks have been swift at adapting to keeping customers in the center and rearticulating the business proposition with risk management, the task of entire reimagining processes has posed a significant challenge. There has been no better time for financial services to transform from opening new accounts, payments, savings to lending. Fast track your progress as a banking organization with Soltius ME and YASH Technologies by bringing in the expertise that can empower you to thrive in the new normal and take over the keys to the doors of the future. YASH’s proprietary applications are sure to help you leverage technology and marry the industry best practices to assure a swift upward curve in your development.

Key takeaways:

  • YASH’s proprietary tools of transformation
  • Secure circle of trust across geographies
  • Blockchain expertise for better customer base penetration
  • Enhanced AI capabilities

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Know our speakers

Webinar Speaker
Gautam Gupta

Country Head, Qatar & Kuwait

Gautam is associated with YASH for over 15 years. He has over 28+ years of experience in the IT Industry. He directs YASH Technology's vision and is responsible for YASH International Market in aligning the company's digital vision with the emerging and futuristic technologies, relevant to customers and the industry.

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Webinar Speaker
Tariq Madani

AVP, Digital Banking, Sharjah Islamic Bank

Tariq Madani has enjoyed 25+ years of an outstanding career and is a seasoned banking professional with expertise in implementing and launching digital banking solutions in regional banks of the MENA region. As the Head AVP - Mobile and Online Banking at Sharjah Islamic Bank, he is currently responsible for designing robust banking and strategy to mobilize profitability and cost reduction with a vision of greater resources and higher targets.

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Webinar Speaker
Hitesh Sarda

VP Banking & Financial Services YASH Technologies

Hitesh is part of the Banking Practice at YASH. He has spent 2 decades in the Banking Industry, building and managing business critical applications.

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