Reimagine banking experience with digital onboarding

Reimagine banking experience with digital onboarding

The COVID-19 pandemic propelled diverse reactions, especially with banks and financial services providers that have faced unexpected problems since its onset. As customers go online to access critical services, the industry is rethinking the future of digital banking through quick adoption methods and a deeper focus on their digital presence. Digital client onboarding has become the buzzword in the industry as business executives begin to see the enormous possibilities of digitization.

Looking to create a frictionless onboarding experience? Join hands with YASH Tech

Implementing digital onboarding can be a logistical problem for banks and financial service providers when conventional onboarding methods are the norm. This is why businesses must join hands with a foresight-driven partner. Organizations must work on customer expectations that have undergone a paradigm shift post the pandemic. This new approach is restricted to digital payments and expands to financial security, digital branches, among others. With YASH Tech, get introduced to next-generation data and insights, which will assist bankers to scale their capacity to understand each consumer personally. The technology offers a comprehensive 360-degree perspective of the consumer that goes beyond the person and uses embedded machine learning algorithms to extract new insights from data. With easy-to-manage product catalogs, product bundling, and flexible procedures, the onboarding experience is made simple and convenient.

Key takeaways:

  • Open an account virtually and maintain with YASH’s Digital Onboarding Solution
  • Foundation for providing out-of-the-box assistance for savings clients, checking accounts and cards, managing business accounts
  • Deliver sophisticated fintech products, and connect with third-party apps in the customer journey

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Know our speakers

Abdulaziz Qambar

Founder, Dime Global

Abdulaziz has over 18 years of experience in leadership positions in the development and management of mega telecommunication and ICT companies. He is currently a board member and CEO of regional and global companies focusing on Intelligent and Digital transformation to support companies, communities, and governments in their intelligent transformation.

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Sumeet Kulshreshth

Principal Product Consultant, YASH Technologies

With over 15 years of experience, Sumeet is proficient in spearheading strategy & management of online and mobile products. He is experienced in developing new business models, expanding service delivery channels, formulating effective go-to-market strategy, and leading cross-functional interaction with IT, Ops, Marketing, Finance, and R&D.

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Srinivas Tiwari

VP YASH Technologies

Srinivas Tiwari is an enterprise level technical leader with over two decades of relevant IT Experience, mostly in Banking and Financial Services.

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Gautam Gupta

VP Enterprise Solutions YASH Technologies

Gautam is associated with YASH for over 15 years. He has over 28+ years of experience in the IT Industry. He directs YASH Technology's vision and is responsible for YASH International Market in aligning the company's digital vision with the emerging and futuristic technologies, relevant to customers and the industry.

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