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Why User Acceptance Testing in Dynamics NAV is Necessary?

By: | Sudheer Mohan Mirampally Ramulu

Publish Date: January 8, 2018

Dynamics NAV is an ERP (enterprise resource planning) tool from Microsoft. It forms a crucial part of the Dynamics platform that are intended to help with manufacturing, SCM, finance, CRM, analytics as well as e-commerce verticals of medium to small sized organizations. Re-branded and re-released in October 2003, Microsoft Dynamics NAV has undergone several revisions since then. It has become an important aspect of most organizations worldwide

Key Features of Dynamics NAV

If you are thinking of migrating from Dynamics SL or GP to NAV, then now is a good time. There are literally innumerable reasons to shift, but here are a few key features that will help you to make a better decision-

  • Makes mobile computing much easier, utilizing latest technology and providing a 100% web client option
  • Extremely flexible and powerful multi-dimensional chart of accounts
  • It has a unique ability to instantly customize solutions to meet your business requirements.
  • This includes enterprise content management as well as drag-drop workflow
  • Comprehensive functionality that ranges from replenishing, warehousing and distribution amongst others.
  • Easy and potent reporting via Excel by Jet Reports for NAV.

Why perform comprehensive acceptance testing?
User acceptance testing is the process of getting business users to test common scenarios and daily tasks within the ERP system prior to the go-live date. It has some definite benefits that reduce cost, shorten timelines and minimize the odds that your implementation will fail due to lack of user adoption. A sequence of tasks executed by your organizations end-users to make sure that all your assignments are completed in the new NAV system. This testing tries to ascertain whether this system actually meets your current requirement or not, by the ultimate users. UAT gives you a stronger picture of the forthcoming state of your deliverables; hence insists upon all analysts or developers to carry out random tests of the requisites collected by the consultants.

Consultants Aren’t Users
Consultants and developers are good at what they do, but not as good at what your users do. Hence it is imperative that you get your users involved at the testing phase as it is so important. They will help recognize inefficient process or bad usability decisions in places consultants or developers may not think to look.

It’s just easier on everybody involved to deal with suggestions during implementation than complaints once the system is live.

Engagement Builds Adoption
It is an established fact that lack of adoption is an implementation killer. That’s why you should do everything you can to build buy-in before the go-live date. User acceptance testing is a great way to engage the team while improving the finished product making the system easier to use, which increases the odds of adoption, but it’s also incredibly empowering for your team to see a major project being modified based on their feedback.

Planning Pays
You need to make sure you’re testing at the right time and testing what really matters.
User acceptance testing should happen after QA testing but before user training and go-live. If you test too early your users won’t know what normal system behavior is and what a bug is and if you do it too late it will become expensive and exhaustive to make any changes.
Performing comprehensive acceptance testing is required to determine whether you will benefit from this system / change or no. Some benefits to be sought going through this testing are-

  • As compared to their claims, the end-users may find flaws in the system to integrate it with their organization
  • Testing will ensure their compatibility and usability of scripts in day-to-day working conditions
  • A successful user acceptance testing will help for proper deployment of resources into the production database that can then be completed and delivered on time
  • It will help you avoid unnecessary business disruptions
  • It will help to determine the budget allocation for additional programming requirements and avoid unnecessary over-spending
  • It will pave way for higher security, data corruption as well as permission issues
  • Comprehensive user acceptance testing in Dynamics NAV creates a high level of user satisfaction since the end result is concrete without any deviations.

Dynamics NAV works similar to MS Office tools such as word, excel, outlook, etc. to help you complete mundane tasks right from your Inbox. You get the same competencies across Android, iOS and Windows platforms for a stable and secure experience. This experience spreads across laptops, mobiles, desktops, etc.

This dynamic enterprise resource management system is capable of supporting business processes across organization to help you run systems efficiently and seamlessly.

Contact us today and discover how we can deliver higher business value for MS Dynamics CRM initiatives.
Sudheer Mohan Mirampally Ramulu Project/Delivery Manager Microsoft Dynamix CRM @ YASH Technologies
Reference : https://community.dynamics.com/nav/b/letstalknav/archive/2017/02/28/the-importance-of-performing-comprehensive-user-acceptance-testing

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