YASH Technologies offers GDPR readiness assessment to understand better your organization’s awareness, preparedness, and confidence in your ability to respond to GDPR regulations. The assessment will also help your organization develop tactical and strategic decisions to further mature and strengthen your privacy and security program efforts.

Can you answer these quick 6 questions?

  1. Does your company have a presence in Europe? (employees, facilities, etc.)
  2. Does your company deal directly with customers in Europe?
  3. If you answered yes to Q1 or Q2, does your company manage data regarding individuals residing in the EU?
  4. Is there a Data Protection Officer assigned within your organization?
  5. Do you have policies in place for the following?
    • Data Storage
    • Data Deletion
    • Data Breaches
    • Documentation/Compliance
  6. Do you currently have security solutions enabled to manage data protection? If so, do they address all points of GDPR?

If any of the answers identifies that your company is at risk of GDPR compliance, the time to act is now. No matter where you are on your GDPR journey, SAP and YASH can help. We offer a wide range of integrated data management and governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) solutions that cover SAP® and non-SAP applications and work with your existing infrastructure investments to streamline and automate processes.

Register now for a complimentary assessment from YASH’s global data security professionals and determine the next steps to safeguard your company’s future.