Transforming Consumer Electronics: Why Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Need CIoT?

By: Krenal Chauhan

Publish Date: October 20, 2022

The pace of change in the consumer electronics technologies arena is rapidly accelerating. Intelligent technologies that surround us have entirely transformed the consumer electronics sector. One of them is the Consumer Internet of Things (CIoT). Here’s more about CIoT and why it is taking center stage in the consumer electronics industry.

What is CIoT?

CIoT isn’t new. CIoT refers to interconnected devices exclusively built for the consumer market. Some instances include smart homes, smart wearables, smart devices, etc. These are internet-based devices to store and share information with solid computing capabilities, becoming more efficient over time.

In addition, it is more easily scalable due to the use of edge computing technologies. The more we leverage CIoT, the simpler our life around consumer electronics gets.

CIoT Market in Consumer Electronics

Per industry reports, in 2020, CIoT’s value in the consumer electronics domain was about $ 43-45 billion. But by 2028, experts project the market to grow almost three to four times its size in 2020, crossing $ 150 billion in the next five to six years!

While fathoming this tremendous growth, one would discover reasons like deeper penetration of the internet, the increasing need to stay connected, using data to identify energy-saving opportunities and reducing costs, etc.

Thus, CIoT plays a more value-driven role in consumer electronics. It traverses various areas, including sensing, control, and actuation, to smarten up consumer electronics and make them more efficient. The entry of 5G will further enhance CIoT’s role, although we’ll reserve this discussion for a later date!

Why Should OEMs in Consumer Electronics Adopt CIoT?

Here are a few encouraging reasons for OEMs in consumer electronics to adopt CIoT and provide their consumers with even more exciting products.

  • Preventive Maintenance

Powering consumer electronics with CIoT can help manufacturers deliver a better proposition that enables users to schedule preventive maintenance to avoid malfunctions and optimize the use of devices. As this could prove crucial for consumers, OEMs will need to look at incorporating the same in their products

  • Higher Security

IoT is at a higher risk of cyberattacks and threats, as it entirely runs on the internet. But companies can leverage CIoT while making their devices more secure. Accordingly, it enables users to set unique passwords, set up public connections for vulnerability exposures, and ensure regular security updates. But companies must communicate how long their devices will receive security updates to help users keep their devices secure.

  • Enhancing Customer Experience

Eventually, everything boils down to what kind of customer experience you provide. CIoT can help enhance a device’s experience. IoT can enable consumer electronics companies to build a network of technicians and accessory vendors per the user’s location to provide prompt services and frictionless experiences!

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