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Sitecore – The Ideal CMS Choice

By: | Srinivasamurthy Prasanth Chandrashekarapura

Publish Date: December 8, 2017

Technology has indeed become an effective means for enterprises to stay connected with their customers. In turn, this has led to huge volumes of content, managing which can be a fairly daunting task. Organizations today are using a variety of Content Management Systems (CMS) for developing and managing multiple websites. To build and maintain sites or portals using a leading Sitecore technology have its paradigms, challenges, and considerations.
Let’s focus on why Sitecore is and will remain the prime choice for enterprises for managing content repository.

  1. Multisite management: A company having multiple brands needs it to create various websites for presenting and managing each brand separately.
  2. Single knowledge repository: Sitecore gives you the power to manage content with single knowledge repository efficiently. This means a centralized CMS to enable all your data in one place. This gives you easy access to the store and delivers content to your target audience.
  3. Cross-channel data analysis: Sitecore delivers cross-channel data analysis through a proper report system to measure every customer interaction with detailed analytics.
  4. Unlimited scaling: Sitecore CMS permits unlimited scaling as there are no limits on the data. Sitecore offers and delivers the ideal enterprise development solutions by scaling unlimited data which keeps your business running smoothly yet efficiently.
  5. Sitecore and multilingual websites: One needs a strong presence in the local market to tap the global market. It means a local voice or language to communicate and sell your products within the local market.
  6. A complete experience: Sitecore is transforming your digital assets into a digital experience enhancing the business value we get from it. It gives you an added advantage combining all required social media platform to engage your business with customers. Sitecore is very SEO friendly which means that you need to work less on optimization as Sitecore is proficient in managing it all.
Sitecore is a leading .NET CMS caters to all the needs of mid-sized or large organizations. Enterprise level functionality, scalability, and integration have made it a preferred next-generation web solution. There is no doubt that Sitecore is indeed a powerful and efficient content management system.

For implementing Sitecore on a local system, the following requirements need to be fulfilled:

  • SQL Server: The backbone of Sitecore.
  • Internet Information Services (IIS): For hosting the Sitecore application IIS is required.
  • C# Dot Net & Visual Studio: Required for development and modification of websites.
  • TDS/Sitecore Rocks: In case, multiple individuals are involved in a specific project, Team Development for Sitecore (TDS) or Sitecore Rocks can help to set the appropriate working platform.

Key Benefits of Sitecore

Being a highly adaptable digital marketing system
, Sitecore enables companies to deliver a relevant brand experience that drives results across every channel. Following are the key features and benefits of Sitecore:
Rapid Rollout – It’s easy to scale up the website content like adding new product lines or making changes to the existing content in Sitecore. New content can be quickly published to any environment. For any changes done, only the edited bits are rolled out directly into production.
Newsletters, forms & forums – Engage with customers through newsletters that can be quickly set up and send directly from Sitecore. Customized forms, bulletin boards, and forums can also be maintained easily. Sitecore also helps to get a complete picture of the analytics of the recipient.
Delivery to Multiple Devices – Sitecore offers the flexibility to publish the content changes of one or all the device formats, which includes web, mobile or tablet. Eliminating duplication of work.
Versatile Editing Environment – Sitecore offers in-context and advanced WYSIWYG editor that can be used for quick authoring, approval, and publishing of XHTML compliant content. Create deep customer relationship with customized content.

Clear content ownership and approval workflows

With many stakeholders and content managers involved in your organization’s website, Sitecore provides enormous value in its content versioning system, allowing multiple parties to make and track revisions to the same document or content asset. The system automatically maintains an audit trail, which makes reviewing and comparing different versions a snap.
Intuitive and powerful search functionality
A large volume of content, the difference in search functionality offered by various CMS options becomes very apparent.
Data-driven, 1:1 content delivery
Sitecore is designed to provide a framework for organizations to achieve the goal of Single Customer View (SCV), through which all of a customer’s data and interactions are tracked and integrated into a single database. Sitecore can integrate and use this data in real time, serving personalized, relevant website content to each visitor on a 1:1 scale.
So, what to look for when you are selecting a WCM system?
Product roadmap
One needs to look at the strategy and roadmap of a product to understand its short-term and medium-term goals. Sitecore’s strategy has been to align closely with .NET technologies, making Sitecore an ideal product for mid-market organizations focused on.NET. Even though mature Open Source platforms exist, stick to technologies that have a healthy development community behind them.


The choices mostly include.NET, Java or Open Source. A lot of the popular products are aligned with.NET., given.NET’s popularity in the mid-market segment,
Content Production
When assessing how content is generated and developed in the WCM, ensure that the system supports the type of content needed, and provides an easy-to-use editor to create it.
Marketing Automation
Marketing automation in a CMS includes web analytics, personalization, lead management, and automation capabilities. Some of the mid-market products have started rolling out marketing automation and analytics capabilities

Content Migration

Most CMS implementations are migrations since in most of the cases you are usually moving content over from existing sites or resources. If you can, just go with a CMS product that offers automated migration techniques and tools.
Quite often, decision-makers only see licensing costs, which can be deceiving. Development costs, for example, may vary depending on the CMS. If a product is less common, or more complex, finding resources to support training and development for your project can become expensive.
With our expertise in technology implementation, we can adopt the Sitecore CMS to meet specific needs and deliver the desired results precisely than out-of-the-box functionality or integration. For this reason, we believe Sitecore represents the best choice for most organizations looking to create a perfectly customized technology solution for managing their digital assets and customer experience across channels.
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Srinivasamurthy Prasanth Chandrashekarapura -Technical Architect @YASH Technologies

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