SAP on Azure: The journey to seamless cloud transformation

By: Kumareswar Kandimalla

Publish Date: October 13, 2022

In 2017, Microsoft’s collaboration with SAP made news across the technology world. The alliance was welcomed by business leaders using SAP and several Microsoft applications together. One of the crucial aspects of the alliance’s plan was to expedite S/4HANA’s deployment on Azure. A 2020 SAP Insider survey reported that Microsoft Azure remains one of the leading platforms businesses consider when deploying SAP S/4HANA in a public cloud environment. Additionally, 2021 Total Economic Impact Study by Forrester Consulting stated that customers running SAP solutions on Azure could achieve a 112 percent ROI, a 30 percent reduction in time-to-market for new operations, and a less than six-month payback period.

But running SAP on Azure requires comprehensive and meticulous planning. Along with transformation partners, companies also need a roadmap to help them successfully transform. There is more to it, and I will share insights in this blog.

Establish Your Transformation Objectives

While moving SAP to Azure is beneficial, companies must ask if they need it and why? Answering these questions is crucial. Every company has a unique reason to migrate. Some may intend to move from legacy systems. Others will keep cost savings as the primary purpose. The purpose, patterns the transformation roadmap regardless of the reasons.

Identify the Correct Route

Companies can take two routes or approaches – Greenfield or Brownfield. Greenfield involves starting from scratch. Many companies have custom SAP workflows, now well-entrenched in the system.

SAP currently offers various off-the-shelf modeling techniques. Selecting these customization alternatives can help you find a more straightforward explanation with a higher ROI. Nevertheless, Greenfield means a substantial workaround. Not every company can afford it. Hence, many prefer Brownfield.

Microsoft offers fully SAP HANA-certified virtualization with various disc possibilities. In addition, communication systems form a crucial part of SAP reliability and performance. Companies must consider the layout of the network’s cloud topology. Azure allows the creation of a near-zero-trust system in which traffic is checked and accredited from all directions.

Companies must also consider trustable areas and personal endpoints for some traffic. This communication will be routed through the foundation instead of the IP firewall scope, thus reducing firewall pile and transaction fees.

Manage the process

The transition process comprises preparation, navigation, migration, and post-migration. The interaction becomes more relevant as the project progresses. Companies must prepare a roll-back strategy for roadblocks during and beyond the project.

Accordingly, it is prudent to mechanize the project wherever viable. Computerizing the released version, setup, and policy management can help ensure that we minimize errors in the test environment.

Modernize SAP Applications on Azure with YASH!

Do you want to move SAP to Azure but don’t know where to start? YASH is the right partner. We plan the migration process and help you unlock business value through comprehensive assistance, including a guide on architectural design and system management to run your SAP system on Microsoft Azure.

We bring shared benefit from a framework of combined value, collective experience, and customer dedication by:

  • Easing your move. Our SAP on Azure offerings is a suite of industry-specific solutions for customers to simplify their move to the cloud and streamline implementation.
  • Making collaborative support available. Our SAP on Azure supports end-to-end business collaboration and offers a complete range of services to help customers transform in the cloud. The support model is designed with combined Technical Expertise, collaboration, and connectivity for Azure and SAP Cloud Platform.
  • We provide a customized roadmap that fits the needs of your business, industry, and application. With the guidance provided by a dedicated expert, you can now dive into the unique requirements of SAP on Azure and start transforming your business to new levels.

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