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Microsoft Dynamics 365: Everything that’s new with Business central

By: Kumareswar Kandimalla

Publish Date: February 18, 2020

Regardless of the size of your business, as an owner, you need to be able to manage and access your company data easily. There are a few great ERP and CRM solutions out there that give you efficient data tracking and management capabilities. The right solution will be the one that depends on your choice – one that lets you quickly identify opportunities, make the right business decisions with quick and accurate insights.

Microsoft’s Dynamic 365 Business Central has gained momentum in being the ideal SaaS solution for small businesses. With Business Central, you can not only view the health of your business, review customer history and feedback, identify new opportunities with the help of data trends, and make better business decisions. Microsoft announced a slew of new updates and features this month (Dec 2019), with their availability due for the new year 2020.

Everything new in Business Central with Wave 2

Launched in April 2018, Business Central (previously Microsoft Dynamics NAV, an ERP solution) has been designed primarily for SMB organizations to make advanced tech-capabilities available at an affordable cost. Business Central serves as the business owner’s all-in-one ‘manage your financials’ platform combining the best of both ERP and CRM worlds, with a powerful AI-infused Business Intelligence layer. The ability to automate and secure the supply chain and optimize inventory & warehouse management makes Business Central a complete business application solution.

The latest slew of updates are focused primarily on improving the speed, productivity, and supportability for enterprise decision-makers.

The new update pillars that define the 2019 release wave two update

Boosted productivity with Modern Client: The 2019 release wave 2 in the Microsoft D365 Business Central lets users easily access the platform through browsers, their Windows 10 desktop app, iOS & Android mobile apps, and even on Outlook. This means higher levels of productivity in making decisions. Users will be able to personalize their actions on their Role Center, customize list views and multitask across pages with a lot fewer clicks.

Application enhancements for ease in finance: The new update allows you to cancel reminders and finance charge memos quickly. Businesses can also easily use Batch-post sales and purchases as per schedule, removing the need for employees to waste time on posting a large number of documents one by one.

Modern tools for global developers: The 2019 release wave two versions will be the first not to include the existing development environment (known as C/SIDE) and instead be based on the recently launched Visual Studio Code integrated with Azure DevOps and an AL language with an extension-based customization approach. This will allow developers to collaborate efficiently from anywhere. C/SIDE, therefore, is now removed from Business Central moving forward.

Empowered ISV acceleration: The new update also delivers on simplified ISV (independent software vendor) development, specifically to streamline migrations from Dynamics NAV to Business Central. SMBs will now be able to easily take advantage of the strong ISV-led tailored solutions in Dynamics NAV in the new Business Central and can be enhanced further.

Application lifecycle management: Once live on Business Central, SMBs will be able to access continued support, update management, testing, and so on, for easy application lifecycle management. With this, companies of all sizes will be able to manage their environments and finances based on the mandated legal requirements anywhere in the world, delivering scalability.

Late payment protection: Business Central comes with an AI-enabled extension that lets you identify if sales invoices are going to be paid on time. The D 365 Business Central AI tool also comes with a Sales and Inventory Forecast extension that helps you predict potential sales using historical data with predictions about your inventory stock. With this SMBs know if their sales invoices are going, and will be paid on time.

Standard PayPal payments extension: In terms of standardizing online payments and delivery options for higher customer service, SMBs can also make use of the PayPal payments standard service. It lets you share a standard PayPal link in the email body of your sales invoice that allows the customer to make the payment with their PayPal account easily. This way, customer payments arrive in your bank account faster with several ways of payments, including credit card processing, as well as the flexibility to use the service as and when required.

Picking the right ISV: Your starting point

Business Central from Microsoft Dynamics 365 is designed for businesses for an all-in-one enterprise management solution that is easy to use and customize. It connects all of your sales, finances, operations, and customer interactions – all integrated with familiar Office 365 tools such as Word, Excel, and Outlook.

The role of SMB decision makers does not stop with choosing Business Central. While best practices exist, they need to make the right partner pick with demonstratable evidence of past successes. It will be exciting to see what business problems we solve through this new year, and what successes we see across the globe with the Business Central.

In the next blog of this series, we will dive into the new perks of the AI – integration in Business Central, the new tools and connectors, and how it will help improve their business quality and efficiency. In the meantime, feel free to check out our offerings and success stories here, connect with us here or on our social media channels.

As a certified Microsoft partner, we at YASH Technologies specialize in transforming businesses of all sizes.   

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