Understanding the True

Understanding the True “Value-Oriented” Delivery in the Context of AMS

By: Veera Venkata Naga Ravi Krishna Desaraju

Publish Date: August 14, 2023

The rising utilization of customized software systems and enterprise applications has led to a surge in the need for specialized application management services (AMS). One of the key drivers behind this demand is the complex challenges encountered in operating mission-critical applications. A systematic approach to managing their dependencies and vulnerabilities is imperative to handle feature-rich digital products effectively.

Traditionally, metrics associated with AMS primarily emphasized cost reductions and enhancements in back-office services. However, as organizations implement technology-driven changes in their operational frameworks, IT teams have a unique opportunity to uplift the role of AMS using metrics that substantiate the delivery of tangible business value. By employing well-designed and effectively implemented metrics, transformative changes can occur, enabling CIOs to manage routine processes more efficiently and reliably and allocate resources for new IT initiatives that propel business growth.

Managed service providers specializing in monitoring, maintenance, bug-fixing, and optimizing technology tools help businesses free up internal resources, increase productivity, improve applications’ functionality, and optimize user experience, building a case for outsourcing AMS.

The Benefits of Value-Oriented Delivery in AMS

Experienced AMS partners go beyond monitoring applications and offer comprehensive solutions. They understand the importance of delivering tangible business value to clients by providing tailored services and leveraging automation solutions. Here are some key benefits of value-oriented delivery in Application Management Services (AMS):

Proactive Application Management: Instead of simply reacting to incidents or issues after they have already affected workflows, an AMS provider takes a proactive approach by continuously monitoring applications round-the-clock. This includes understanding historical trends and conducting future proactive analysis to identify potential issues before they impact operations. By leveraging packaged services, organizations can ensure timely action is taken to maintain business continuity.

Demand Management: Demand management is crucial in optimizing resources based on changing business needs. An experienced AMS partner understands this requirement and provides flexibility to scale resources as per demand fluctuations. This ensures efficient utilization of resources while saving costs associated with hiring or firing employees.

Quality-Assured Tailored Services: Solutions delivered by the best AMS provider are not limited to meeting contractual commitments but go beyond them to provide additional benefits and value-added services. These providers have SLAs explicitly designed for each solution, and all technical issues covered under the SLA are addressed promptly and effectively. This ensures client satisfaction while optimizing application landscapes. Furthermore, the expertise offered by an experienced AMS partner helps businesses leverage automation solutions that can lead to significant cost savings over time.

Improved User Experience and Innovation: By focusing on end-user experience, AMS providers foster seamless innovation within the organization. They dedicate time towards developing new features instead of fixing software issues. This leads to enhanced user experiences, which, in turn, promote productivity improvement, revenue growth, and expense reduction. Benefits derived from streamlined processes result in overall cost savings for customers.

Value Measurement: Shaping Roadmaps for Business Success

At YASH Technologies, we understand the importance of measuring the real business value our intellectual property (IP)-based solutions bring our customers. We focus on how our solutions generate additional revenue or save costs beyond contractual commitments. We believe in partnering with you to shape and realize your roadmaps for success. To measure this value proposition, we have identified key metrics that align with your objectives:

Revenue Generation: We assess the impact of our IP solutions on your revenue growth by tracking metrics such as increased sales, new customer acquisition, improved customer retention rates, and expanded market share.

Cost Savings: We aim to help you reduce expenses and save costs wherever possible. We evaluate metrics like operational cost reduction, streamlined processes resulting in time savings, and decreased reliance on external resources.

Efficiency Enhancements: We measure how our IP solutions improve operational efficiency within your organization. This can be measured through reduced manual effort, time saved in performing tasks, and enhanced productivity across different business functions.

Customer Satisfaction: We emphasize ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction. As a result, you will see improvements in metrics such as Net Promoter Score (NPS), customer feedback ratings, recurring business from existing clients, and positive reviews/ testimonials.

Innovation Enablement: We believe that innovation drives growth. We enable you to embrace disruptive technologies, strategically adapt to market changes, and foster a culture of innovation within your organization. Metrics related to the successful implementation of innovative projects and new product/service launches can showcase the value derived from our partnership.

By focusing on these measures precisely aligned with generating additional revenue or saving losses beyond contractual commitments, we ensure that each solution provided by YASH contributes directly towards shaping and realizing your roadmaps for success. We believe in delivering value beyond tactical support to empower you with transformative outcomes.

Reducing the Gap between IT and Business

YASH understands the importance of bridging the gap between IT and business. We focus on delivering value-oriented AMS beyond mere maintenance and management. Effective AMS requires a strategic partnership between IT service management and the broader business objectives.

To achieve this, our AMS approach centers around:

Technical Expertise: We have a team of skilled professionals with expertise in diverse platforms to handle all aspects of application development, testing, control, and enhancement. This ensures that your enterprise applications are well-maintained throughout their lifecycle.

Proactive Support: Our AMS services aim to be more than reactive problem-solving; we strive for proactive support to anticipate issues before they impact operations. We minimize downtime and optimize application availability by monitoring performance metrics, analyzing trends, and implementing preventive measures.

Alignment with Business Goals: We work closely with you to understand your unique business requirements and align our AMS strategies accordingly. Our goal is to ensure that your applications function seamlessly and contribute directly towards achieving your broader organizational objectives.

Value-Oriented Approach: We emphasize reducing costs associated with application maintenance while enhancing operational efficiency. You can achieve cost savings without compromising quality or performance by streamlining processes, optimal resource allocation, and leveraging automation where appropriate. YASH acts as a strategic partner for organizations seeking comprehensive application management solutions.

When selecting an AMS company, it is beneficial to consider a combination of onsite and offshore resources. YASH offers this approach and expertise to help minimize communication gaps and ensures a flexible and transparent service model. By leveraging onsite and offshore capabilities, businesses can enhance collaboration, streamline operations, and maintain effective communication throughout the AMS engagement.

YASH as an AMS Provider

We recognize that enterprise applications are more than just tools for data storage and business process structuring. They serve as a vital link between organizations and their customers, connect supply chains, enable informed decision-making for employees, and minimize operational friction. That’s why we assist our customers in modernizing their technology foundation by embracing innovation, automation, and agility.

With a strong reputation as a trusted partner, we are a partner of choice for over 70 Fortune 500 companies across various industries, including manufacturing, life sciences, BFSI, healthcare, utilities, and telecom. Our extensive experience and expertise in collaborating with Microsoft, SAP, AWS, and ServiceNow empower us to provide businesses with the necessary technologies and domain capabilities to drive tangible value and sustainable growth over the long term.

YASH’s Next Generation Application Maintenance and Support has been successfully delivering customer objectives, ensuring zero disruption to business processes, monitoring, devising an effective cloud strategy, and offering constant knowledge enrichment for the user communities it works with. To bolster your applications, reach out to us and arrange a meeting with a solution architect.

Visit https://www.yash.com/contact-us/ to schedule an appointment and explore how we can assist you.

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