Chasing Zero “Waste-Emission-Inefficiencies”

Chasing Zero “Waste-Emission-Inefficiencies”

The rising environmental implications and climate change have made it imperative for every business to focus on its carbon footprint. Enterprises are looking to collect data, have guidelines, analyze the data and automate systems to make an informed decision based on the climate-carbon dimension. Environmental health and safety (EHS) has become a top priority, and having digital solutions can help you leverage data and have suitable alternatives for sustainability goals for your business.

Are you looking to achieve your sustainability goals for your business? SAP Environmental Management (EM) is your answer.

SAP and YASH Technologies bring you SAP Environment Management (EM), a solution that can help you collect, aggregate, calculate, and give insights for you to optimize your business process for a more efficient and sustainable system. Many organizations want to integrate holistic solutions linked to government portals or third-party applications to monitor, track, and analyze the carbon footprint. The right environment metrics and a process of leveraging that data can help in making better decisions.

Key takeaways

  • Understand the climate change related risks, transition and physical risk aspect.
  • Key pillars to deliver such as Climate action, circular economy, Holistic steering and reporting and social responsibility across all value chains
  • Bringing transparency on corporate and product footprint with SAP Product Footprint Management (PFM) and SAP Environment Management (EM)
  • SAP Environment Management (EM) implementation methodology and its benefits
  • Quick demo to understand SAP Environment Management (EM)

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Know our speakers

Amar Jadhav

Senior Solution Architect, SAP India Pvt Ltd.

Connect with him on

Christian Polivka

Director, EHS Solution Management SAP

Christian Polivka is a Director within the Sustainability Solution Management of SAP SE. As solution owner of SAP’s sustainability performance management and integrated reporting, Christian is responsible for the solution Go-to-Market and overall strategy.

Connect with him on

Yogesh Nagpal

Head- Pre-Sales & Sustainability, YASH Tech

Yogesh has an overall experience of around 18 years in Pre-Sales, Solution Consulting, and Sustainability. At YASH Tech, he is currently working as Global Head - EH&S and Compliance, an expert in the Product Safety - and Stewardship module.

Connect with him on

Anchal Sood

Director- Global Centre of Excellence, SAP India Pvt Ltd

Anchal Sood works with customers on their IT roadmaps with the objective of helping them become best run businesses in their industry.

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