The digital technologies catalyze the enterprises looking to transform-at-speed. Although traditional technology services like application development and maintenance, datacentres, testing, etc. continue to be vital, newer technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, DevOps, Robotic Automation, Blockchain, Cloud, IoT are pivotal to transformation initiatives. Therefore, enterprises need the ‘right technology partner’ that can empower them to balance between their disparate legacy technology landscapes and emerging technologies. 

YASH Technologies has the right combination of experience, competencies, people, and architecting capabilities in providing value-centric technology services and solutions for customers across industries. As a full-service technology partner, we offer comprehensive suite of services across Enterprise Systems, Next-Gen Application Management, Cloud Solutions, Infrastructure services, etc. We leverage cutting-edge solution frameworks to enable our customers to address their business challenges, drive value, optimize costs, and foster enterprise agility. 


Design and deliver engaging experiences that resonate better with customers, employees, and other stakeholders

Connected Convergence Platform

Harness the hidden power of data and technology to unlock multifold amplified outcomes for your business

Customer Centric Ecosystem

Create an experience-based ecosystem for your customers to nurture and strengthen the relationship

Infrastructure Management Services

Simplify and strengthen your IT foundation to accelerate the Digital evolution

Sustainability Services

Develop a resilient and future-fit business to build a healthy and safe environment


Modernize your enterprise technology landscape to drive optimal performance of your IT environment

Intelligence Services

Technology-driven enterprise intelligence to help you identify, decide and innovate

Co-Innovation Lab Services

Co-llaborate, Co-create, and Co-Innovate – Let’s #Do It Together

Application Maintenance & Support

Nimble, connected, and intelligent application services to provide a superior user experience

Corporate Real Estate IT (CRES-IT)

Eliminate the operational hindrances for extracting business performance

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Connected Common Sense

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Automation , Big Data , Cloud , Healthcare , Mobility

Emergence of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in Healthcare

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