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Serial Numbers in Production Execution

Last updated on May 18, 2018

Serial numbers are used to identify and differentiate between individual items of material. This component therefore ideally supplements the material master record, which may contain all data for describing and managing a piece of material.
Serial number tracking becomes a complex process in production execution when the consumed components and the assembly have the associations like a parent and child relation with a structure. It is necessary to perform the inventory movements with serial numbers in a standalone step as the backflush is not supported for these serialized materials. So the number of transaction steps would increase for the production operators and material handlers.
Here are the transaction steps involved

  1. Goods issue with serial numbers
  2. Production confirmation
  3. goods receipt with serial numbers
  4. Serial number association from COIB (Creation of As-Built Configurations Serialized Assemblies

1. Goods Issue
The serialized components are consumed against the production order.
2. Production Confirmation
The overhead activities (labor & machine for example) are booked in this transaction
3. Goods Receipt
Serialized assemblies are received against production order.
4. Serial number association from COIB (Creation of As-Built Configurations Serialized Assemblies)
Parent and child serial numbers are associated with this step


A user screen can be developed to accommodate all four steps explained above in a single transaction. Based on the data collected from the user screen, the respective function modules can post the transactions using respective SAP base transactions.
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Velmurugan Arunachalam -Solution Architect – SAP PP/QM @ YASH Technologies

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