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SAP HANA in Cloud- Innovate and Modernize with SAP HANA

By: | Vamsi krishna

Publish Date: December 26, 2017

We are surrounded by extreme digitization, with newer and more unique techniques to achieve maximum output from technology. Today, the world is talking about IoT or cloud computing, mobile integration, digital marketing, etc. All this is not possible with proper integration. SAP HANA is one such platform to migrate your technical projects effectively. SAP HANA is an in-memory Platform as a Service (PaaS) product. Startups, Independent software vendors (ISVs) as well as developers can use SAP HANA to build and test HANA-based cloud applications. It can also be utilized to extend cloud and on-premise software, whatever is more cost-effective and user-friendly for you.

SAP HANA in CloudSAP HANA Cloud Platform helps organizations to accelerate their growth and extends to all lines of businesses, across industries. It provides a concrete foundation for all your business needs and gives you a one-stop solution for all your data. It helps to remove the load of maintaining separate legacy systems and scattered data, enabling you to make better business and operational decisions for accelerated growth.

There are millions of customers globally who are utilizing the true value of SAP HANA cloud platform as a service (PaaS) to integrate their resources as well as drastically reduce their downtime and critical business applications. Also, SAP HANA Cloud upgrades will happen quarterly with new solutions and functionalities.
Let us touch upon a few elemental advantages of SAP HANA in Cloud to accelerate your business-

  • Customers can integrate their existing SAP ERP on SAP HANA Cloud to run live applications simultaneously.
  • This allows companies to run the on-premise functionality seamlessly on Cloud and assures a quick turn-around time
  • Developers can build real-time applications on SAP HANA Cloud platform to compete sustainably in this growing digital economy
  • SAP HANA Cloud Platform supports new functionality in SAP SuccessFactors® solutions to help SAP clients stay ahead of change and be able to act swiftly to new workforce diminuendos.
  • This enables flexibility of human capital management, while increasing accuracy and reducing attached risks.
  • Another interesting factor with using SAP HANA Cloud is that it helps clients modernize their customers’ existing applications by making everything mobile and accessible from anywhere.
  • This assures that the clients are connected with their database, and it increases mobility and accessibility through mobile devices.

SAP suite of products has continuously been on the path of improvement, making sure that all SAP customers are on top of this growing digital economy. Now you have more than one reason to accelerate your business with SAP HANA in Cloud. Be connected with every application at once.
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Vamsi krishna Solution Architect @ YASH Technologies

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