SAP SuccessFactors: H1 2022 Country/Region Specifics Release Highlights

By: Nagesh Polu

Publish Date: June 14, 2022

This blog sheds light on the latest update of SAP-H1 2022, which focuses on country/region-specific innovations.

Let’s have a look at 1H country/region-specific improvements:

  • Argentina / Canada / USA: New gender field to collect the gender information of employees and their dependents in these countries.
  • Australia: No more manual activities are needed to update the Employee Central Payroll master data.
  • Canada: New country-specific field, enhanced import jobs, positions, and organization units
  • Chile: With the release of 1H2022, now replicate Employee Central time account information
  • Germany/Austria: enhanced the country/region-specific gender picklist values for Austria and Germany.
  • Kuwait: Two new country/region-specific fields for home and corporate address for Kuwait
  • Philippines: Enhanced country/region-specific work permit document type
  • Czech Republic: Enhanced Country/Region-specific bank account number validation
  • Romania: SAP introduces a new version that includes personal information, address information, contract elements, and dependents information
  • Saudi Arabia: SAP added new country/region-specific fields for Saudi Arabia to reflect changes to Saudi labor law in Employee Central


Some of the country-specific enhancements include new country/region-specific Global Information fields for employees in Ukraine, enhanced country/region-specific payment information field validation for Slovakia, and a new package e-Filing of Employees’ Payments and Deductions 2022-23 for employees in the UK.

Besides the above country specifics, team SAP has also initiated a few features that add value to the 1H 2022 Country/Region specifics release. To read more, click on

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