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Optimize HR Application Investment with Reference to SuccessFactors Hybrid Model

By: | Saratchandra Panganamamula

Publish Date: June 30, 2017

Advancements in technology and standardization in the cloud are moving companies away from a traditional ERP implementation, in favor of a simpler, easier, and faster approach that accommodates growth in scope, size, and quality. The concept of HR Transformation has been around since the turn of the millennium and is about reducing HR operating costs, enriching the Employee Experience and adding genuine HR value to the overall business. HR technology and enabling services play a critical role in that transformation.
Hybrid HR means successfully building on the legacy systems from yesteryear to establish the cloud-based solutions of today and tomorrow. It also means innovating where required and possible while maintaining and integrating well-functioning components from the past. SuccessFactors is a fully integrated solution that provides a holistic view of employees.
Each organization has different levels of transformation readiness. The scalability of SAP SuccessFactors’ cloud architecture helps companies to choose and implement the modules at their own pace.

Hybrid Model Advantage
Integration of Applications, Data, and Services

A hybrid cloud creates the transparency needed to see and connect data and applications across different infrastructures anywhere.

Composition, Orchestration, and Management of Workloads

Cloud services can be seen as building blocks that are assembled and reassembled in the cloud allowing organizations to innovate and engage with their clients rapidly.

Portability of Data and Applications

In a hybrid environment, developers can quickly connect, compose data and services for enterprise, web and mobile applications. This allows organizations to act fast to changing demands.

Flexibility and Control

SuccessFactors cannot be customized, and hence the system remains stable, upgradable and maintainable. Custom applications using the HANA Cloud Platform give customers the ability to create brand new applications that seamlessly sit within SuccessFactors; they adopt the theme, can be accessed from the menu and can leverage the data in the system. This offers the best of both worlds.


SuccessFactors updates it’s software four times a year. Many existing SuccessFactors customers perform mini re-implementations every couple of years where they look at the new features released since their last implementation because it is simply difficult to keep track of and understand all the features as they are rolled out. Since many features are opt-in, customers can more easily handle the innovations and introduce them when it suits them.

Business Processes

It is crucial for any organization to understand its business processes, both functionally and technically. When moving to a Hybrid scenario, it is important to understand how critical it is to transfer all of the data used or created in a process between two systems. In some instances, it is necessary to transfer certain data and retain a few in the old system. This helps to ensure that hybrid integration remains far less complex and concerning than when using a full cloud HCM model, as few modules can be retained in the old system and few can be implemented in the new system.

Administration and Maintenance

A definite advantage that SuccessFactors offers is its administrative capabilities. Customers can maintain the entire system on their own.  Also, because SuccessFactors hosts the software, there is little to no maintenance necessary from the customer-side.
The SuccessFactors platform is rich with functionality in areas such as recruiting, to-do list management, performance, goal management and is extremely user-friendly. The user experience is significantly enhanced, and subtle features can make using it a boon for users. With actionable, real-time insights, built-in reporting, and analytics, organizations can empower their managers to not only develop and retain top talent but also help find and develop “hidden” potential in the organization. As a cloud-based application, HR professionals benefit from standardized tools, decreased errors and time, and a global system of record that scales with the company, all protected by the top cloud security protocols on the internet
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Saratchandra Panganamamula, Practice Manager – SAP HCM & SF with YASH Technologies.

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